67-2402. STRUCTURE OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF IDAHO STATE GOVERNMENT. (1) Pursuant to section 20, article IV, Idaho constitution, all executive and administrative offices, agencies, and instrumentalities of the executive department of state, except for those assigned to the elected constitutional officers, are allocated among and within the following departments:

Administration, Department of
Director: Bob Geddes
Aging, Idaho Commission on
Administrator: Judy Taylor
Agriculture, Department of
Director: Celia R. Gould
Building Safety, Division of
Administrator: Chris Jensen
Commerce, Department of
Director: Bobbi-Jo Meuleman
Correction, Department of
Director: Henry Atencio
Drug Policy, Governor’s Office of
Director: Nicole Fitzgerald
Emergency Management, Office of
Director: General William B. "Brad"  Richy
Education, State Board of
Executive Director: Matt Freeman
Energy and Mineral Resources, Governor´s Office of
Administrator: John Chatburn
Environmental Quality, Department of
Director: John Tippets
Finance, Department of
Director: Gavin M. Gee
Financial Management, Division of
Administrator: Jani Revier
Fish and Game, Department of
Director: Virgil Moore
Health and Welfare, Department of
Director: Russ Barron
Human Resources, Division of
Administrator: Susan E. Buxton
Idaho State Police
Director: Col. Kedrick Wills
Industrial Commission
Thomas Limbaugh, Chairman
Insurance, Department of
Director: Dean Cameron
Juvenile Corrections, Department of
Director: Sharon Harrigfeld
Labor, Department of
Director: Melinda Smyser
Lands, Department of
Acting Director: David Groeschl
Liquor Division
Director: Jeff Anderson
Lottery, Idaho
Director: Jeff Anderson
Military Division
Brigadier General Michael Garshak
Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Bill Booth and Jim Yost, Council Members
Occupational Licenses, Bureau of
Bureau Chief: Tana Cory
Pardons and Parole, Idaho Commission of
Executive Director: Sandy Jones
Parks and Recreation, Department of
Director: David Langhorst
Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI)
Director: Don Drum
Public Utilities Commission
Commissioners: Paul Kjellander, Kristine Raper, Eric Anderson
Species Conservation, Governor´s Office of
Administrator: Dustin Miller
State Appellate Public Defender
Eric Fredericksen
State Insurance Fund
Fund Manager: Connie Barnett
Tax Appeals, Board
Chairman: David Kinghorn
Tax Commission, Idaho State
Ken Roberts, Chairman
Idaho Transportation Department
Director: Brian Ness
Veterans Services, Division of
Administrator: Marv Hagedorn
Water Resources, Department of
Director: Gary Spackman