2009 Executive Orders

Number Description Date Replaced
2009-01 Continuation of a State Housing Tax Credit Agency 01/27/2009  
2009-02 Continuing a System for Allocating Volume Cap in the State Consistent with the Provisions of title 50, Chapter 28, Idaho Code, and the U.S. Internal Revenue code of 1986 01/27/2009  
2009-03 Establishing the Behavioral Health Transformation Workgroup
(Replaced with EO 2009-04)
2009-04 Establishing the Behavioral Health Transformation Workgroup
(Replaced with EO 2010-01)
02/04/2009 EO 2009-03
2009-05 Establishing the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance 02/06/2009 EO 2007-20
2009-06 Establishing a Process to Evaluate and Implement "The Federal American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009" 02/17/2009  
2009-07 Establishing the Idaho Health Professions Education Council (Replaced with EO 2011-10) 02/26/2009  
2009-08 Requiring the Idaho Transportation Department to Publish an Annual Accountability Report 03/19/2009  
2009-09 Reestablishing The Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research Committee Within the State Board of Education
Repealing and Replacing Executive Order 2006-36
05/12/2009 EO 2006-36
2009-10 Establishing A Policy For All State Agencies Concerning Public Funds
Repealing and Replacing 2006-40
  EO 2006-40

Establishing a Gubernatorial Task Force on Modernizing Transportation Funding in Idaho

2009-12 Continuing The Idaho Criminal Justice Grant Review Board For Awarding Federal Grant Funds 06/23/2009 EO 2006-03
2009-13 Deferred Compensation Program for Employees of the State of Idaho, Repealing and Replacing Executive Order No. 2005-07 06/23/2009 EO 2005-07
2009-14 Concerning the Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and Blind 07/06/2009  
2009-15 Continuing A System For Allocating Volume Cap For Recovery Zone Bonds In The State Consistent With The Provisions Of The U.S. Internal Revenue Code Of 1986 (Replaced with EO 2010-08) 07/30/2009  
2009-16 Temporary Reduction Of General Fund Spending Authority 09/25/2009  
2009-17 Establishing the Governor's Health Policy Implementation Committee (Replaced with EO 2010-15) 12/15/2009