2011 Executive Orders

Number Description Date Replaced
2011-01 Establishing The Behavioral Health Interagency Cooperative 01/27/2011  
2011-02 Establishing the Council for Purchases from Non-Profit Businesses that Serve People with Disabilities 04/01/2011
2011-03 Prohibiting Executive Branch Departments, Agencies and Institutions of the State from Implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 04/20/2011
2011-04 Relating to Functions of the Division of Human Resources 04/20/2011
2011-05 Authorizing the Transfer of Funds to the Disaster Emergency Account 05/02/2011
2011-06 Provisions for State Cooperation with Federal Insurance Administration Under the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, as Amended 06/16/2011
2011-07 Authorizing the Administration of the State Small Business Credit Initiative Program by the Idaho Housing and Finance Association 06/16/2011
2011-08 The Lewis and Clark Trail Committee 07/19/2011
2011-09 The Governor's Roadless Rule Implementation Commission 07/19/2011
2011-10 Establishing the Idaho Health Professions Education Council / Repealing and Replacing Executive Order No. 2009-07 07/19/2011 EO 2009-07
2011-11 Continuing the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission 07/19/2011
2011-12 Designating the Idaho Public Utilities Commission as the State agency (clearinghouse) to receive notices of environmental and energy matters under the Surface Transportation Board's implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969; and designating the Idaho Public Utilities Commission as the agency to represent the State on matters pertaining to railroads before the Surface Transportation Board 09/14/2011
2011-13 Renewing the Certified Public Manager Program 09/14/2011
2011-14 Establishing the Office of Energy Resources within the Office of the Governor / Repealing and Replacing EO 2007-15 10/18/2011 EO 2007-15
2011-15 Establishing the Early Childhood Coordinating Council 11/8/2011