2013 Executive Orders

Number Description Date Replaced
2013-01 Continuing the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance repealing and replacing Executive Order No. 2009-05 01/8/2013 2009-05
2013-02 Establishing the Governor’s Leadership in Nuclear Energy (LINE) Commission 2.0 03/06/2013
2013-03 Continuation of a state housing tax credit agency 03/22/2013
2013-04 Continuing a system for allocating volume cap in the state consistent with provisions of Title 50, chapter 28, Idaho code, and the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1986 03/22/2013
2013-05 Deferred compensation program for employees of the state of Idaho repealing and replacing Executive Order No. 2009-13 06/21/2013 2009-13
2013-06 Appointment of members of the Board of Environmental Quality 06/26/2013
2013-07 Establishing the Idaho Veterans, Service Members and Families Coordination Council 12/05/2013