2014 Executive Orders

Number Description Date Replaced
2014-01 Governor's Task Force on Zero-Tolerance of Sexual Assault Against Incarcerated Persons 01/13/2014
2014-02 Establishing the Idaho Healthcare Coalition 02/25/2014
2014-03 Establishing Annual Reporting Requirements for State Agencies Receiving Federal Funds 03/20/2014
2014-04 Establishing A Public Records Ombudsman Within The Office of The Governor 04/23/2014
2014-05 Governor's Roadless Rule Implementation Commission 05/15/2014
2014-06 Establishing the Idaho Tax Commission Study Task Force 05/15/2014
2014-07 Assignments of All-Hazard Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery Functions to State Agencies in Support of Local and State Government Relating to Emergencies and Disasters 06/24/2014
2014-08 Establishing the Idaho council of Suicide Prevention repealing and replacing Executive Order No. 2010-12 09/02/2014