Press Releases


January 6, 2011
New Agreement Protects State Interests, Strengthens INL´s Key Energy Research Role
January 7, 2011
Governor Accepts Tax Commission Chairman´s Resignation
January 13, 2011
Governor Urges Interior Secretary to Withdraw "Wild Lands" Order
January 18, 2011
Culdesac to Host January "Capital for a Day"
January 18, 2011
Senator Geddes Named State Tax Commission Chairman
January 26, 2011
Governor, Attorney General: New MOA Protects 1995 Agreement, Idaho National Laboratory's Future
January 31, 2011
Governor, Attorney General Hail Ruling Striking Down Healthcare Reform Law
Risch, Otter Hail Ruling on Idaho Roadless Case
February 3, 2011
Governor Requests Meeting with President Obama to Discuss "Wild Lands" Order
John Tippets of Bennington Named to Fill District 31 Senate Vacancy
February 7, 2011
Statement from Idaho Drug Policy Administrator on Dangers of Hallucinogenic Stimulant, Marketed as "Bath Salts"
February 8, 2011
Vicki Tokita Appointed Division of Human Resources Administrator
Melba to Host February "Capital for a Day"
February 9, 2011
First-of-Its-Kind Energy Information Guide Unveiled in Idaho
GOP Governors Request Expedited Review of Healthcare Lawsuits
February 10, 2011
Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit to be Held In Boise March 16-17
February 14, 2011
Governor, Superintendent Welcome Changes to Students Come First
February 18, 2011
OPINION: Students Come First Invests in Idaho's Teachers
February 24, 2011
Iona to host March "Capital for a Day"
February 27, 2011
Governor Otter mourns passing of Senator James McClure
February 28, 2011
In Case You Missed It: Western Governors have wide-ranging discussion with Secretaries of Interior, Ag on key issues
March 1, 2011
In Case You Missed It: Governors call for large-scale forest restoration, realigning federal funding

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