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August 30, 2018

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(BOISE) – Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter's Office facilitated a productive meeting today with the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association, the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association, Idaho State Police, Idaho Association of Counties, the Idaho Transportation Department and other stakeholders to discuss ongoing problems at the Division of Motor Vehicles.

“This is currently one of the highest priorities in state government,” said Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter.  “We have agreed to work closely with our partners in law enforcement and other affected stakeholders to identify, prioritize and resolve the issues creating backlogs and frustration at the Division of Motor Vehicles. To that end, my office is committed to getting the system up and running efficiently in the interim and ensuring the problems are fixed over the long-term.”

The interim step allows counties to bypass software problems and resume issuing drivers’ licenses. “We apologize to the citizens of Idaho,” said the Director of the Idaho Transportation Department Brian Ness. “Our focus going forward is to restore acceptable, consistent service. We appreciate everyone’s patience. We are committed to partnering with all stakeholders to identify and develop an immediate and long-term solution that will resolve these issues.”

“We appreciate the Governor calling this meeting and identifying this issue as a top priority,” said Canyon County Sheriff Kiernan Donahue, President of the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association (ISA). “The ISA is hopeful the interim step will be successful. We look forward to a strong partnership with the Governor’s Office and all the stakeholders on a long-term solution to restore the best possible driver’s license service to Idaho.”

“The Idaho Chiefs of Police Association appreciates the invitation to be a part of today’s meeting and wants to thank Governor Otter for his ongoing leadership and giving the Chiefs of Police from across the state an opportunity to voice their perspective and concerns. We look forward to collaborating and partnering with all the stakeholders to develop a workable solution that will serve law enforcement and the citizens of Idaho going forward,” said Craig Kingsbury, Chief of Police for the City of Twin Falls and President of the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association.

Beginning tomorrow, county DMV offices will have the ability to start issuing drivers’ licenses again using the interim step developed by ITD. However, customers should anticipate delays as county staff adjust to system changes and a backlog of customers.

To address this backlog the Idaho DMV has implemented an emergency extension through October 31, 2018, for all Idaho drivers with licenses or identification cards that have or will expire between July and September of 2018.

Questions or requests for documentation to support an extension should be directed to the ITD Division of Motor Vehicles at 208-334-8000.


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