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I want our children and grandchildren to remain in Idaho and for the ones that have left to return.

Idahoans deserve jobs with good incomes, superior schools, affordable healthcare, abundant clean water, and access to the outdoor recreation opportunities that make Idaho unique.

I will invest taxpayer dollars wisely in a careful, thoughtful and sustainable manner. I will push back against federal overreach to deliver Idaho-based solutions. I will work to restore citizens’ faith and confidence in Idaho State government.

Strong Public Education System

My five grandchildren are seventh generation Idahoans enrolled in Idaho’s public school system. My commitment to their education – and the education of all young Idahoans – starts with our State constitution. Every child in Idaho has been promised a thorough, quality and free public education since statehood. A quality public education system ensures Idaho has the best talent pool for current and future businesses. We must develop the talent living right here in our great state. Our success depends on it.

Robust Economy

Idaho’s economy is the fastest growing in the United States. Despite Idaho’s positive trajectory, as the old saying goes, “success is never final.” We must continue to diversify Idaho’s economy, especially in rural communities, and maintain an environment where incomes and wages can continue to rise. By staying committed to building a highly skilled workforce, we are well positioned to continue expanding career opportunities for Idahoans.

Confidence in State Government

The most sacred duty of elected officials is to uphold the trust citizens have bestowed upon us. If we want future generations to remain in Idaho, we need institutions and policies that are transparent and ethical. I am committed to finding new ways to cut government red tape. As your governor, I pledge to champion citizen confidence in Idaho State government.

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