Healthcare in Idaho

C.L. "Butch" Otter

I want to ensure every Idahoan has access to quality healthcare that is affordable and is driven by patients and providers – not lawyers or government bureaucrats.

Improving affordability and access to quality healthcare is a pressing need. Addressing that need requires government and the private sector to work together collaboratively - with a common purpose - to bring about meaningful change.

Idaho Healthcare Council

I established the Idaho Healthcare Council through Executive Order 2010-15. The Healthcare Council helps coordinate Idaho initiatives in healthcare and supports and implements Idaho's best solutions.

This Web page provides information about the Council's efforts. It serves as a hub to the various efforts underway by public and private entities. More links and resources will be added as they are identified and as the Healthcare Council works to capture the accomplishments of this collective effort.

Working together we are addressing issues such as shortages of healthcare providers, incentives for preventative care, and more efficient and secure health information systems to better coordinate care. We are leveraging one another's efforts and expertise in order to generate the best health delivery system possible in Idaho.

Click to view the Idaho Healthcare Council's organization chart.

The Idaho Healthcare Coalition

The Idaho Healthcare Coalition is charged with expanding on the work of the Idaho Healthcare Council by leading the development of the State Healthcare Innovation Plan (SHIP).

Read the Executive Order Establishing the Coalition
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Idaho Health Professions Education Council

2014-2015 Idaho Health Professions Education Council (IHPEC) Annual Report