Empowering Idahoans

C.L. "Butch" Otter

Government should have a limited and well-defined role in citizens' lives.

I am working within that principle to create the conditions in which Idahoans – and Idaho businesses – can thrive. My goal is to empower Idahoans to be the architects of their own destiny. It is a proper role of government to provide citizens with the information and tools they need to help ensure their own well-being and that of their families.


Education is the key to economic and social well-being and Idaho's future prosperity, and is a fundamental and proper role of state government. Working with the Superintendent of Public Instruction and a State Board of Education that is refocused on its constitutional policy-making and oversight role, I am committed to rewarding innovation, creativity and what works for Idaho students – K through Career.


Improving affordability and access to quality healthcare is a pressing need, and it will take government and the private sector working together collaboratively and with a common purpose to bring about real changes. Reducing healthcare costs and improving accessibility to healthcare requires building public-private partnerships and addressing such specific needs as shortages of healthcare providers, incentives for preventative care, and more efficient and secure health information systems to better coordinate care. It takes fostering innovative, market-based solutions and engaging everyone – patients and physicians, hospitals and insurers, employers and employees – in a sustained effort to change healthcare in Idaho for the better. Read more about Idaho's efforts to improve healthcare for our citizens...

Public Safety

I am extremely proud of the talent, commitment and integrity shown by Idaho´s public safety professionals at the Idaho State Police, Department of Correction, Bureau of Homeland Security and Idaho National Guard and numerous other safety organizations across the state. Together, these agencies and the troopers, correctional officers, soldiers and airmen they command provide a first line of defense for the people of Idaho. As Commander in Chief, I am inspired by the dedication to duty shown by all the uniformed services in Idaho, and I strongly support their missions of protecting and defending our communities and citizens.