Enhancing Economic Opportunity

Creating career-path jobs for Idahoans requires a plan that harnesses Idaho's resources, talents and entrepreneurial spirit and leverages them with public-private partnerships that work in the marketplace and our communities.

I am seeking out the wisdom and celebrating the homegrown successes of the innovative people creating economic opportunity in our state. I am working to sell more of Idaho's products and services to the world and showcasing Idaho's stable and predictable tax and regulatory environment where businesses can thrive.

Infrastructure Development


Idaho's energy future depends on the emerging role of renewable and alternative energy resources as well as improving Idaho's energy transmission capabilities. I created the Office of Energy Resources in 2007 and the team of experts there hit the ground running with an ambitious agenda aimed at putting Idaho ahead of the curve in energy development, transmission and innovation.


Keeping up with our transportation infrastructure needs is important not only for public safety but for our corridors of commerce as well. There is no more immediate or direct way to invest in our future prosperity than to ensure access to markets here and abroad. Highways and bridges that are safe and meet the needs of individuals and businesses are essential to attracting and retaining jobs. I will advocate for investing in transportation because it pays off in a stronger and more diverse economy.