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Appointment Vacancies

The following is a list of current board and commission vacancies, as well as vacancies that will occur in the next 60 days. Some positions are awaiting Senate confirmation. Call the Governor’s Office at 208-334-2100 with questions.

Bingo-Raffle Advisory Board(Vacant)District 5 -
Bingo-Raffle Advisory Board(Vacant)District 6 -
Board of Drinking Water and Waste Water Professionals(Vacant)Drinking Water Rep.
Genetic Counselors Licensing Board(Vacant)Physician
Health Quality Planning Commission(Vacant)Hospital - Kootenai Health
Health Quality Planning Commission(Vacant)Hospital - St. Al's
Health Quality Planning Commission(Vacant)Physician (public member)
Idaho Commission on Aging(Vacant)Dist. III (D)
Idaho Commission on the Arts(Vacant)Commissioner
Idaho Commission on the Arts(Vacant)Commissioner
Idaho Economic Advisory Council(Vacant)Region 7-
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician Commission(Vacant)Id. Hosp. Assoc.
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician Commission(Vacant)Public Interest
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician Commission(Vacant)Public Interest
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Board(Vacant)County Offical
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Board(Vacant)HVAC Contractor
Idaho Humanities Council(Vacant)SE Region
Idaho Humanities Council(Vacant)SW Idaho
Idaho Lewis and Clark Trail Committee(Vacant)At Large member
Idaho Lewis and Clark Trail Committee(Vacant)Member at Large
Idaho Lewis and Clark Trail Committee(Vacant)Pres. L&C Trail Heritage
Idaho Personnel Commission(Vacant)Democrat
Infant Toddler Coordinating Council(Vacant)Early Intervention
Infant Toddler Coordinating Council(Vacant)Parent
Juvenile Justice Commission(Vacant)Youth Member
Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board(Vacant)Outfitter
Peace Officer Standards and Training Council(Vacant)FBI Rep.
Public Safety Communications Commission(Vacant)ID Chiefs of Police
Public Works Contractors License Board(Vacant)Building Construction Rep.
Sexual Offender Management Board(Vacant)Polygraph
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)PWD - At Large
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)PWD - At Large
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)PWD - At Large
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)PWD - At Large
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)PWD - At Large
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)PWD - Region 2
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)PWD - Region 7
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Community Coalition
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Dept of Education
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Hispanic Rep
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Judge
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Medicaid
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Peer Support Specialist
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Social Services
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Tribal Rep.
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Veterans
State Board of Correction(Vacant)Unaffiliated
State Board of Registration for Professional Geologists(Vacant)Public Member
State Plumbing Board(Vacant)Public Member
Workforce Development Council(Vacant)(A) Business
Workforce Development Council(Vacant)(B) Veteran Rep
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIBird, KeithMember2018-05-31
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionTroy, Caroline NilssonHouse2018-11-30
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilMartin, Fred S.Senate2018-11-30
Idaho Code CommissionDoman, Andrew PaulAttorney2018-12-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBarton, TahnaCASA Rep2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceCarlson, GalenDep. Pros. Atty2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceTachell, JenniferEducation rep2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBergin, Jennifer R.EX OFFICIO2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceOsen, Melissa D.Former Foster Care Youth2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceUnsworth, MirenH&W2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceGemar, JoAnn MarieHomeless Youth2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceWickard, Joshua M.Public Defender--Chair '162019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceVaughn, Molly LuVictim Witness Advocate2019-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIKling, Deborah A.Member2019-05-31
Children's Trust Fund BoardGoodliffe, JanetRegion VII2019-06-30
Children at Risk Task ForceNordstrom, Lisa DianeAttorney2020-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CSIGrindstaff, Cally J.Member2020-04-08
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIHunter, Gerald Member2020-05-31
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteNaerebout, RobertAnimal Industry2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteSymms Gottschall, Sally MeganConsumer2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstitutePate, Barry JosephEducation-CSI2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteHenggeler, KellyOrchard Industry2020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionHulse, SamDIGB 62020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardGanske, JohnISP2020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardHuff, Charles "Chad" A.Sheriff's Assoc.2020-07-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilMason, Paula JuneDevelopmental Sepc.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilDavis, Charlene M.Developmental Spec.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilNeil, Judith L.Early Interv. Svc. Coord.2020-09-01
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionMartin, Fred S.Senate2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteLickley, LaurieHouse Appt.2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteToone, Sally House Appt.2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteWard-Engelking, Janie Senate Appt2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstitutePatrick, JimSenate Appt.2020-11-30
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoDixon, Sage House2020-11-30
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionCowger, Hailey LynnYouth Member2021-01-25
Children at Risk Task ForceClark, Stephen J.Magistrate Judge2021-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceRammell, Mark S.Magistrate Judge2021-04-01
Criminal Justice CommissionBolz, DarrellPublic Defense Comm. Rep.2021-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionButcher, Alan Roger WadeArchives2021-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionRich, Christopher D.Recorder--Chair-20142021-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionLords, DiannaTitle Industry Rep.2021-07-01
Idaho Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety BoardEstes, BenPublic Member2021-07-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionPeterson, Kari JosephineID Assoc. of Counties2021-08-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilLindig, Angela S.Disabilities Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilGauthier, Mary AnnEHS/HS Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilHaro, Hillary EliaParent2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilPetersen, Emily LynParent Representative2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilAllen, DavidPersonnel Prep Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilRupp, Ericka JaneProgram Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilKross, Teresa F.U of I2021-09-01
State Historical Records Advisory BoardMilne-Lane, Stephanie ACity Archivist2021-10-20
Board of Juvenile Corrections - Black, Barry M.Member2021-12-31
Board of Architectural ExaminersHaight, Randy "Rann" W.Architect2022-01-06
Children at Risk Task ForceBaugh, James R.Disabilities Organization2022-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceMcDonald, NadineJuv. Probation Officer2022-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceGiddings, Douglas TerryLaw Enforcement2022-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceFreitas, Sheila SturgeonMental Health Professional2022-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceRobertson, Jill S.Parent rep2022-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBradford, V. SusanPediatrician2022-04-01
Idaho Board of Scaling PracticesStone, Trevor M.Owns > 50,000 acres2022-04-01
PNWER Idaho CouncilArrington, Paul LaMar(Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilRichy, William "Brad"(Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilVerdon, JenniferCommerce2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilMcArthur, CharleneITD2022-04-19
Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility AdministratorsNathan, Natalie M.Related Profession2022-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionMace, Abbie DawnRecorder2022-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionDressen, Betty J.Recorder2022-07-01
Factory Built Structures Advisory BoardMattson, Brian Retailer Mfg. Homes2022-07-01
Idaho Board of Landscape ArchitectsOpdahl, James H.Public Member2022-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteHurst, WayneGrain Producer2022-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteMuir, FrankRow Crop Commodity2022-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteWinegar, Dell RaySpecialty Crop Industry Rep2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardRichy, William "Brad"BHS2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardGates, David G.Fire Chiefs Assoc. Rep.2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardFry, Jr., James DaleGOV--Local School Board Rep.2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardKloepfer, Suzanne L.Gov-Parent2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardMeyer, Becky W.Gov--School Supt.2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardPhillips, Alexandrea GOV--Teacher2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardCochran, Terry Police Chiefs Assoc.2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardFreeman, Matt State Board of Education2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardMcCarter, MattSupt. Pub. Instruction Rep.2022-07-01
State Capitol CommissionSymms-Pollot, MaryPublic Member - Boise2022-07-01
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionOwens, Dotti Ada County Coroner2022-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionOlsen, Erin Comm. on Aging2022-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionWoodruff, Liz Idaho Academy of Family Physicians2022-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionWalton, Michael MD2022-10-25
Idaho Humanities CouncilOlson, Christina At-Large2022-10-31
Idaho Humanities CouncilEnglish, Dan N Idaho2022-10-31
Catastrophic Health Care Cost Program (CAT Board)Mathias, Chris House Appointment2022-11-30
Education Commission of the StatesHorman, WendyHouse2022-11-30
Idaho Technology AuthorityMathias, Chris House2022-11-30
Idaho Technology AuthorityCook, Kevin Senator2022-11-30
State Public Defense CommissionCannon, David House Appt.2022-11-30
State Public Defense CommissionWoodward, Jim Senate appt.2022-11-30
Workforce Development CouncilMcCann, Lori (D) Rep2022-11-30
Idaho Code CommissionHolinka, Jill SuzetteAttorney2022-12-01
Bear River CommissionRomrell, Kerry D.Commissioner2022-12-31
State Building AuthorityAnderson, Timothy N.(Undefined)2023-01-01
Board of Architectural ExaminersMcClintick, AllisonPublic Member2023-01-06
Veterans Affairs CommissionGrace, Patrick JosephAmerican legion2023-01-16
Veterans Affairs CommissionCash, Virginia (Jinny) L.American Legion2023-01-16
Criminal Justice CommissionChadwick, Daniel GCitizen2023-01-31
Criminal Justice CommissionDarrington, Denton C.Citizen2023-01-31
State Board of Health and WelfareHatzenbuehler, Linda C.Region 6 - D2023-02-13
Idaho Board of Scaling PracticesIkola, Gerry ALC/South2023-04-01
Idaho Board of Scaling PracticesStewart, H. LarryPrivate Forest Landowner2023-04-01
State Board of NursingStott, Laura RN, Associate Degree2023-04-01
State Tax CommissionMoyle, Janet LynnR2023-04-01
Idaho Rural PartnershipDaniels, Barry Neal(J)-Elwood Staffing2023-04-23
Idaho Rural PartnershipKingston, Erik Paul(J)-ID Housing & Finance2023-04-23
Idaho Rural PartnershipRosson, Colleen (J)-Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation2023-04-23
Lava Hot Springs FoundationJohnson, Ron Member / Vice Chair2023-05-01
Public Charter School CommissionFisher, Leon DeanAppt by Governor2023-05-12
Board of PharmacySperry, Edmund "Ed" L.Public Member2023-06-30
Board of Tax AppealsNuhn, Kenneth W.U/North2023-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardJurvelin, Richard AMember2023-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardStender, Dahlia Region III2023-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardStanley, Brenda S.Region VI2023-06-30
Idaho Energy Resources AuthorityKunz, DanielMember2023-06-30
Parks and Recreation BoardFatkin, Louis ADist. 6-D2023-06-30
Board of Examiners of Nursing Home AdministratorsCrowley, Michael Administrator2023-07-01
Catastrophic Health Care Cost Program (CAT Board)High, DavidPublic Member2023-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilBott, Ian JamesSelf Advocate2023-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionHuettig, Douglas MichaelGrower2023-07-01
Idaho Board of Landscape ArchitectsOlberding, Bryce Landscape Architect2023-07-01
Idaho Contractors BoardArrington, Michael GlennSouth Central District2023-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeCrosby, LenIdaho Bond Bank Rep.2023-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeJackson, Richard Member at Large2023-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeOberle, Julie SDOE Rep.2023-07-01
Idaho Economic Advisory CouncilKnudtsen, Eve LAt-Large--R2023-07-01
Idaho Economic Advisory CouncilKimmell, Paul Region 2 -- R2023-07-01
Idaho Economic Advisory CouncilRadford, John BRegion 6-I2023-07-01
Idaho Electrical BoardMadsen, Joshua Contractor2023-07-01
Idaho Electrical BoardWilson, Robert Specialty Contractor2023-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteCampbell, Heidi AdamsScientist2023-07-01
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Compact CommissionDavies, Ronald F&G Commissioner2023-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionSearle, Kent ID Assoc. Counties 2023-07-01
Speech, Hearing & Communication Services Licensure BoardNuhn, Kenneth W.At Large2023-07-01
State Board of PodiatrySpringer, Ione Public Member2023-07-01
State Board of Professional Counselors & Marriage & Family TherapistsZitzman, Spencer Marriage/Family Therapist2023-07-01
State Board of Registration for Professional GeologistsPriebe, Kurt LeslieGeologist/Company2023-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionBarkell, Angela Assoc.Counties (Gov. Appt)2023-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionWalsh, Sean Defense Atty (Gov. Appt)2023-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionBolz, DarrellRep.JJComm(Gov Appt)2023-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardMooney, Dee Industry 2023-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardMahnken, Jad Industry2023-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardMcMurtrey, Timothy "Tim" WayneRep. Supt. Public Instruction2023-07-01
Criminal Justice CommissionBasterrechea, Tracy LIdaho Chiefs of Police Assoc.2023-07-20
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionKarambay, James JosephACEP2023-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionLemon, Michael L.Am. College of Surgeons2023-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionLuther, Gordon E.Idaho Fire Chiefs Assoc2023-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionSandy, CurtisState Board of Medicine2023-08-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilDunstan, ShannonDep of Ed2023-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilMcGill, Kathryn A.Dept. Ins. Rep.2023-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilWhitehead, Kaela GFoster Care Rep.2023-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilSproul, Jessica AHead Start Coll. Officer2023-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilCronheim, Christy NoelInfant Toddler Program2023-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilBrock, Cindy SueMedicaid Rep.2023-09-01
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardJackson, John Marketer 2023-09-24
State Historical Records Advisory BoardStone, Mackenzie AnnMember2023-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardScott, Wendy A.TF County Dep. Clerk2023-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardKersting-Lark, Dulce LU of I Special Collections/Archives2023-10-20
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionAbbott, Teresa DHW- Suicide Prevention Program2023-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionBroncho, Kristy L.Idaho Tribes Rep.2023-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionGriffin, JeniLoss Survivor2023-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionHatzenbuehler, Linda C.MH Professional/CHAIR2023-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionFoley, Tiffany Veterans Affairs2023-10-25
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardHorman, WendyRep., Appt by Speaker2023-11-30
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardDen Hartog, LoriSenator appt. by Pro Tem2023-11-30
Workforce Development CouncilBarron, Russ(E) Gov Designee2023-12-01
Board of Juvenile Corrections - Darrington, Denton C.Member CHAIR2023-12-31
Occupational Therapy Licensure BoardBathina, Jori AnnOT2023-12-31
Physical Therapy Licensure BoardEsplin, Craig Member PT2023-12-31
Board of DenturitryWolfrum, Carla "Jess"Provider2024-01-01
Idaho Sheep and Goat Health BoardSecrest, Michael GlennGooding County2024-01-01
Idaho Sheep and Goat Health BoardDalling, Glenn DavidJefferson County2024-01-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionHokanson, Kimberly Family Advocate2024-01-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionYork, Ruth CFamily Advocate / Mental Health Representative2024-01-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionSmith, Lina Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist2024-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardHartline, Matt JHeavy Equipment Rep.2024-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardMattson, Garry CHighway Rep.2024-01-01
Board of Architectural ExaminersMaulin, John Architect2024-01-06
Board of Architectural ExaminersMullin, Daniel K.Architect2024-01-06
Bingo-Raffle Advisory BoardGehring, Shane J.District 3 - I2024-01-07
Idaho State Racing CommissionWoodington, Matthew KCommissioner2024-01-15
Veterans Affairs CommissionBrown, Eugene DAmerican Legion2024-01-15
Veterans Affairs CommissionDavis, Rockey AVFW2024-01-15
Aeronautics Advisory BoardSweeney, MarkCommercial Aviation2024-01-31
Governor's Roadless Rule Implementation CommissionBarquin, William KennethAm, Indian Tribe Rep2024-02-06
State Board of DentistryBrammer, Carolyn Hygienist2024-02-22
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismPotucek, Susan MarieBuisness sector2024-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismLittle, AmyCommunity Based Agency2024-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismAnderson, Eric SHigher Education2024-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismWood, Rebecca MLocal Gov2024-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismWilkinson, Mike SLocal labor Org.2024-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismDurrant, April S.Volunteer Sector2024-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismRahim, Alina OYouth2024-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismKeeler, Kristi L.Youth Services2024-03-01
Idaho Board of Scaling PracticesBennett, Brett ThomasLess than 100Mbf2024-04-01
Idaho Board of Scaling PracticesHarper, Alan Brucemore than 100mbf2024-04-01
State Board of NursingMahannah, Kara LPN2024-04-01
State Board of NursingHines-Josephson, Jennifer MarieRN, Associate Degree2024-04-01
State Board of NursingWatson, L. ReneeRN/ MSN2024-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CSIWinkle, Terry WMember2024-04-08
Idaho Commission for LibrariesHeld, JohnVice Chair2024-04-10
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoMalek, Tara Consumer Interest2024-04-10
Board of Drinking Water and Waste Water ProfessionalsEllsworth, Bryson Wastewater Rep.2024-04-23
Idaho Rural PartnershipStuart, John (H) MTE Communications2024-04-23
State Insurance Fund BoardLandon, SteveLabor Rep.2024-04-30
Bear River CommissionIpsen, Mark DAlt Commissioner2024-05-01
Lava Hot Springs FoundationHough, Jeff Member / Chair2024-05-01
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning BoardChristoffersen, Garret ACity Official2024-05-08
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning BoardCarter, William AndrewMechanical Engineer2024-05-08
Public Charter School CommissionQuinn, Wanda ChillingworthAppt. by Governor2024-05-12
Public Charter School CommissionBair, Sherrilynn W.Appt. by Governor2024-05-12
Public Charter School CommissionAmador, Paul VAppt. by Governor2024-05-12
State Board of Professional Engineers and Land SurveyorsJacobson, Richard Engineer Member2024-05-24
State Board of Professional Engineers and Land SurveyorsBennett, Glenn K.Land Surveyor2024-05-24
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilShipley, Brittany LParent Advocate2024-05-28
Criminal Justice CommissionSullivan, Thomas Magistrate Judge2024-06-12
Dormitory Housing Commission--NICHalterman, Calvin TMember2024-06-16
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionWebb, Kendrick CGrower2024-06-20
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