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Appointment Vacancies

The following is a list of current board and commission vacancies, as well as vacancies that will occur in the next 60 days.

Bingo-Raffle Advisory BoardDiessner, Wendy W.C.District 2 None2017-01-07
Physical Therapy Licensure BoardWhite, Brian Member PT2017-12-31
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIBird, Keith Member2018-05-31
Board of Chiropractic PhysiciansCoiner, Charles H.Public Member2018-07-01
Idaho Commission on AgingMaestas, David PerryDist. IV (D)2018-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilBeechler, Evangeline M.LGBTQ Rep.2018-07-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionAlter, James D.Public Interest2018-08-01
State Historical Records Advisory BoardBlack, Max C.2018-10-20
Autonomous and Connected Vehicle and Deployment CommitteeYoungblood, Rick Representative2018-11-30
Autonomous and Connected Vehicle and Deployment CommitteeBrackett, Bert Senator2018-11-30
Commission on Hispanic AffairsWard-Engelking, Janie Appt. by Pres. Pro Tem2018-11-30
Commission on Hispanic AffairsKauffman, Clark Appt. by Speaker2018-11-30
Commission on Hispanic AffairsJohnson, Dan Appt. by the Pres. Pro Tem2018-11-30
Commission on Hispanic AffairsChew, Sue Appt. by the Speaker2018-11-30
Criminal Justice CommissionLuker, Lynn MHouse Appt.2018-11-30
Criminal Justice CommissionWintrow, Melissa House Appt.2018-11-30
Education Commission of the StatesHorman, Wendy Legislature2018-11-30
Education Commission of the StatesMortimer, Dean Legislature2018-11-30
Idaho Council on Indian AffairsAnderson, Neil House2018-11-30
Idaho Council on Indian AffairsGannon, Margaret "Margie" RoseHouse2018-11-30
Idaho Council on Indian AffairsGuthrie, Jim Senate2018-11-30
Idaho Council on Indian AffairsBuckner-Webb, Cherie Senate member2018-11-30
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionTroy, Caroline NilssonHouse2018-11-30
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionMartin, Fred S.Senate2018-11-30
Idaho Endowment Fund Investment BoardAnderson, Neil Representative2018-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteKing, Phylis K.House Appt.2018-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteBoyle, Judy House Appt.2018-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteWard-Engelking, Janie Senate Appt2018-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstitutePatrick, Jim Senate Appt.2018-11-30
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoPacker, Kelley House2018-11-30
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoErpelding, Mathew "Mat" W.Minority Leadership2018-11-30
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoRice, Jim Senate2018-11-30
Idaho Military Advocacy Commission (IMAC)Kauffman, Clark House Representative2018-11-30
Idaho Military Advocacy Commission (IMAC)Lakey, Todd Senator2018-11-30
Idaho Technology AuthorityGannon, John House2018-11-30
Idaho Technology AuthorityAgenbroad, Jeff Senator2018-11-30
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilMartin, Fred S.Senate2018-11-30
PNWER Idaho CouncilStennett, Michelle R.2018-11-30
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardArmstrong, Randy Representative2018-11-30
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardHorman, Wendy Rep., Appt by Speaker2018-11-30
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardDen Hartog, Lori Senator appt. by Pro Tem2018-11-30
State Capitol CommissionAnderson, Neil Representative2018-11-30
State Capitol CommissionWinder, Charles L.Senator2018-11-30
State Public Defense CommissionPerry, Christy House Appt.2018-11-30
State Public Defense CommissionWinder, Charles L.Senate appt.2018-11-30
Western Interstate Commission for Higher EducationVanOrden, Julie Legislative Rep2018-11-30
Idaho Code CommissionDoman, Andrew PaulAttorney2018-12-01
State Insurance Fund BoardGestrin, Terry Representative2018-12-01
State Insurance Fund BoardLakey, Todd Senator2018-12-01
Bear River CommissionStoddard, Curtis L.Commissioner2018-12-31
Peace Officer Standards and Training CouncilLavey, Jeff AllenPolice Chief-CHAIR 6-20-162018-12-31
Peace Officer Standards and Training CouncilGough, Shaun Sheriff's Assoc. Rep.2018-12-31
Physical Therapy Licensure BoardMix, Andrew PT Member2018-12-31
Board of DenturitryMabrey, Jacqueline KayProvider2019-01-01
Idaho Public Safety & Security Information System (formerly ILETS)Kingsbury, Craig S.Police Chief2019-01-01
Idaho State Racing CommissionSnook, Fred H.Commissioner2019-01-01
Idaho State Racing CommissionHammond, James C.Commissioner2019-01-01
Idaho Water Resource BoardVan Stone, Dale W.D/District 12019-01-01
Idaho Water Resource BoardCole-Hansen, Jo Ann I - Dist 12019-01-01
Idaho Water Resource BoardRaybould, Jeffery DR/At Large2019-01-01
Idaho Water Resource BoardVan Der Meulen, Peter D.R/At large/Dist.32019-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardGraves, Charles W.Construction Mgr.2019-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardRoletto, James JohnEngineer2019-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardEcheverria, Karen LynnPublic Member2019-01-01
Sexual Offender Management BoardJohnston, Michael DavidAdult Clinical2019-01-01
Sexual Offender Management BoardBetts, Jeffrey A.Juvenile Clinical2019-01-01
Sexual Offender Management BoardThomas, Matthew AllenSheriff2019-01-01
State Building AuthorityEwing, John 2019-01-01
State Building AuthorityAllphin, Candice 2019-01-01
Board of Architectural ExaminersMullin, Daniel K.Architect2019-01-06
Bear River CommissionSpackman, Gary Commissioner2019-01-07
Department DirectorsAnderson, Jeffrey R.Dir. Lottery & Liquor Disp.2019-01-07
Department DirectorsSpackman, Gary Dir. Water Resources2019-01-07
Department DirectorsWills, Kedrick Director ISP2019-01-07
Department DirectorsSmyser, Melinda SloviaczekDirector, Dep. Of Labor2019-01-07
Department DirectorsGould, Celia R.Director, Dept. Ag.2019-01-07
Department DirectorsCameron, Dean L.Director, Dept. of Insurance2019-01-07
Department DirectorsGee, Gavin Director, Dept.of Finance2019-01-07
Department DirectorsTippets, John H.Director, DEQ2019-01-07
Department DirectorsAnderson, Jeff (Liquor Div.) Director, State Liquor Division2019-01-07
Department DirectorsGallimore, Janet Director/State Historic Preservation Officer2019-01-07
Department DirectorsJones, Cassandra Ex. Dir. Pardons and Parole2019-01-07
Department DirectorsGarshak, Michael JIdaho Military Division2019-01-07
State Board of Health and WelfareRoberge, Richard T.Region 3/2019-01-07
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismReese, Carrie A.Community Based Agency2019-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismBrascia, Kara HartmannHigher Education2019-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismHibbert, Farhana Human, Ed, Environ Svs2019-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismMiles, Mary JaneIndian Tribes2019-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismSchowalter, Colleen A.Volunteer Sector2019-03-01
State Board of MedicineBrown III, John B.MD-- Emergency2019-03-17
State Board of MedicineSutherland, Kathleen R.MD--Pulmonary2019-03-17
Children at Risk Task ForceBarton, Tahna CASA Rep2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceCarlson, Galen Dep. Pros. Atty2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceTachell, Jennifer Education rep2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBergin, Jennifer R.EX OFFICIO2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceOsen, Melissa D.Former Foster Care Youth2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceUnsworth, Miren H&W2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceGemar, JoAnn MarieHomeless Youth2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceWickard, Joshua M.Public Defender--Chair '162019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceVaughn, Molly LuVictim Witness Advocate2019-04-01
Idaho Board of Scaling PracticesStone, Trevor M.Owns > 50,000 acres2019-04-01
Idaho Rural PartnershipValdez, Rogelio (Roy) (B)-Dep of Labor-Dir Designee2019-04-01
Multistate Tax CommissionRoberts, Ken State Member2019-04-01
State Board of NursingSanders, Clayton B.Advanced Practice2019-04-01
State Board of NursingReese, Rebecca LPN2019-04-01
State Board of NursingStevenson, Merrilee RN, Associate Degree2019-04-01
State Plumbing BoardOberhofer, Debra K.At Large2019-04-01
State Plumbing BoardGardner, Matthew N.Contractor2019-04-01
State Plumbing BoardUrwin, Shaun L.Public Member2019-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CSIWilliams, Michael JonathanMember2019-04-08
Outfitters and Guides Licensing BoardLong, Tom Outfitter2019-04-20
Outfitters and Guides Licensing BoardHunsucker, C. Wayne Public member2019-04-20
Board of Drinking Water and Waste Water ProfessionalsAndersen, Brad DonBackflow Assembly Tester2019-04-23
Board of Drinking Water and Waste Water ProfessionalsCloonan, Joan M.Public Member2019-04-23
Idaho Rural PartnershipSolomon, Timothy Little(H)-Rocky Mountain Power2019-04-23
Idaho Rural PartnershipDaniels, Barry Neal(J)-Elwood Staffing2019-04-23
Idaho Rural PartnershipBarclay, Pat (J)-Ex. Director ICIE2019-04-23
Idaho Rural PartnershipKeller, Rick Dwain(J)-Farm Bureau Rep2019-04-23
Idaho Rural PartnershipKingston, Erik Paul(J)-ID Housing & Finance2019-04-23
Lava Hot Springs FoundationBergendorf, Irene "Cookie" 2019-05-01
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning BoardSermon, Ted F.HVAC Contractor2019-05-08
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning BoardHart, Randy A.HVAC Contractor2019-05-08
Public Charter School CommissionKunz, Kathleen "Kitty" Appt by Pro Tem2019-05-12
Public Charter School CommissionPeterson, Nils Appt by Speaker2019-05-12
State Board of Professional Engineers and Land SurveyorsBennett, Glenn K.Land Surveyor2019-05-24
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilSherpa, Mollynnae ValDAC Rep2019-05-28
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilHoward, Roger B.Dir. Of CIL2019-05-28
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilMacDonald, Angela MarieRegion 1/PWD2019-05-28
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilSmith, Mike G.Region 2/PWD2019-05-28
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilHuber, Rick LeeRegion 4 /PWD2019-05-28
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilMyler, Denise Region 6/PWD2019-05-28
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilHudson, Maxwell EdwardYouth2019-05-28
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIKling, Deborah A.Member2019-05-31
Third District Magistrates CommissionAlmazan, Alicia MoraMayor/32019-06-01
Governor's Health Care Advisory PanelBeauchaine, Angela Lynne2019-06-02
Dormitory Housing Commission--NICPatano, Sandra E.Member2019-06-16
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionSmith, Pat L.Grower2019-06-20
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionDau, Dennis JamesGrower2019-06-20
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionDurrant, Ken Dealer Alternate2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionOsborne, Kevin V.Dealer Member2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionNichols, Mike Grower2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionTiegs, Leland Grower2019-06-30
Board of Tax AppealsKinghorn, David E.R/Central-Eastern Area2019-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardPinkham, Jeanette S.Region II2019-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardAndrus, Jill R.Region V2019-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardGoodliffe, Janet Region VII2019-06-30
Idaho Commission for LibrariesAlldredge, Mark C.2019-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsCerise, Mary E.2019-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsLivingston Friedley, Diana Lorraine2019-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsHardy, Kay Chair 20152019-06-30
Idaho Energy Resources AuthorityEskridge, George 2019-06-30
Idaho Fish and Game CommissionBlanco, Daniel A.Region 2--Independent2019-06-30
Idaho Honey Advertising CommissionMudd, Daniel J.2019-06-30
Judicial CouncilBrudie, Jeff MBar Appt2019-06-30
Legislative Compensation CommitteeLarsen, Reed Court Appt.2019-06-30
Legislative Compensation CommitteeDaniels, Bill Governor Appt.2019-06-30
Rangeland Resources CommissionGoddard, Ross K.Rangeland Committee Rep.2019-06-30
Barber and Cosmetology Services Licensing BoardNave, Ryan K.Barber2019-07-01
Board of AcupunctureRaymond, Charles Acupuncture Practitioner2019-07-01
Board of Environmental QualityBoling, Kevin C.Solid Waste Rep.2019-07-01
Board of Examiners of Nursing Home AdministratorsLeonard, Mary ElizabethPublic Member2019-07-01
Board of Examiners of Nursing Home AdministratorsMeharry, Zendi RN2019-07-01
Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility AdministratorsNathan, Natalie M.Related Profession2019-07-01
Board of Massage TherapySolace, Justin KobbeMessage Therapist2019-07-01
Board of Psychologist ExaminersHolley, Helen AnnPsychologist2019-07-01
Certified Shorthand Reporters BoardSimpson, Darren B.District Judge2019-07-01
Certified Shorthand Reporters BoardGambee, Susan G.Public Member2019-07-01
Commission for the Blind & Visually ImpairedWalker, Sue Board Member2019-07-01
Commission on Hispanic AffairsAlvarez, Juan Public Member2019-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingWilding, David GeraldDeaf Person2019-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingJeffs, Heidi TryonParent of a deaf child2019-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingFors, Gretchen SnyderParent of HH Child2019-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingRobison, Jacob G.Physician2019-07-01
Council on Domestic Violence and Victim AssistanceBristol, Dan Heyburn Police - CHAIR2019-07-01
Criminal Justice CommissionMcCarter, Matt Dept. of Ed. Rep.2019-07-01
Damage Prevention BoardChandler, Robert LynnIrrigation (k)2019-07-01
Damage Prevention BoardLeckie, Victor JoePUC Employee (c )2019-07-01
Damage Prevention BoardRush, Nichole RobinU-ground Facility (e )2019-07-01
Damage Prevention BoardVan Slyke, Mark R.U-ground Pipeline Facility (f)2019-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilBittner, Kevin R.Commission on aging2019-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilWatson, Jacquie DHW/MCH Rep2019-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilGiglio, Holly DeeParent2019-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilRachels, Jessica RoseParent2019-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilPetersen, Emily LynParent2019-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilForster-Casey, Rebekah LParent2019-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilDonehey, Korynne ElisabethPerson w/ Developmental Disability2019-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilRaiden, Joe L.Person w/ Developmental Disability2019-07-01
Driving Businesses Licensure BoardWillie, Craig "Randy" RandalDriving Business2019-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionLarsen, Joseph W.Recorder2019-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionHolt, John JosephTitle Industry Rep.2019-07-01
Factory Built Structures Advisory BoardRoche, Kenneth PatrickInstaller/dealer Modular2019-07-01
Genetic Counselors Licensing BoardZarybnisky, Jack Public Member2019-07-01
Grape Growers and Wine Producers CommissionSullivan, Earl E.Producer2019-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionDunnagan, Tim Education2019-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionEpperly, Ted Family Med. Residency2019-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionBramwell, Kenneth "Kenny" JensonHealth Insurance2019-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionLederer, Jr, James WeilHospital2019-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionBeauchaine, Angela LynnePhysician2019-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionRusche, John Physician (public member)2019-07-01
Horse BoardBrown, A. MarkRacing2019-07-01
Horse BoardCooper, Charlene Trail Pleasure2019-07-01
Idaho Apple CommissionRowley, Daniel R.Grower--Dist. 12019-07-01
Idaho Apple CommissionCarver, Jim LeeHandler-at-Large2019-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionHamilton, Monty Garden Bean Dealer2019-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionHuettig, Douglas MichaelGrower2019-07-01
Idaho Board of Landscape ArchitectsOgram IV, William A. "Fred"Landscape Architect2019-07-01
Idaho Building Code BoardJensen, V. AllenCounty Bldg. Inspector2019-07-01
Idaho Building Code BoardTracy, Mike Public member2019-07-01
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and BlindGibson, Michael D.Citizen who is Blind/Visually Impaired2019-07-01
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and BlindGonzalez, Allison Parent of D/B Student2019-07-01
Idaho Cherry CommissionGonzalez, Jr., Everardo "Lalo" Grower-at-Large2019-07-01
Idaho Cherry CommissionSymms Gottschall, Sally MeganHandler2019-07-01
Idaho Commission on Human RightsScigliano, Brian Public Member2019-07-01
Idaho Commission on Human RightsZamora, Estella Opublic member2019-07-01
Idaho Contractors BoardBond, Gary RobertSouth Central District2019-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeHill, Timothy D.Dept. of Education rep2019-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeCrosby, Len Idaho Bond Bank Rep.2019-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeHunter, Gerald IHFA2019-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeMeuleman, Wayne State Building Authority Rep.2019-07-01
Idaho Electrical BoardPippitt, Dale Specialty Contractor2019-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteCampbell, Heidi AdamsScientist2019-07-01
Idaho Health Facilities AuthorityKatovich, John R.Medical2019-07-01
Idaho Health Facilities AuthorityKatsilometes, Tom Municipal Finance2019-07-01
Idaho Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety BoardSimms, Larry L.Fire Fighter/Rural2019-07-01
Idaho Oilseed CommissionRiggers, Steven Tyler2019-07-01
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionGrant, Richard L.Grower2019-07-01
Idaho Wolf Depredation Control BoardRey, Carl DeanPublic at large2019-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionDelyea, Susan CHAIR2019-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionLeader, Amanda CravensDistrict 4 Chair2019-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionPeck, Suzanne MarieEdcuation2019-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionFreckleton, Tina MThird District Youth Court2019-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionRodriguez, Anna M.Youth Member2019-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionHansen, Kailamai Youth Member2019-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionWalton, Eric LeeYouth Member2019-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardDukes, Mark L.Motorcycle/ATV Dealer2019-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardKnudtsen, Eric W.New Car Dealer2019-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardSmith, Stafford New Vehicle Dealer2019-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardSexton, Timothy PhilipUsed Vehicle Dealer2019-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardReynolds, Scott AlbertUsed Vehicle Dealer2019-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardHouse, Ken Used Vehicle Dealer2019-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardPetersen, Bob Used Vehicle Dealer2019-07-01
Oil & Gas Conservation CommissionBreedlovestrout, Renee L.Geologist2019-07-01
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Compact CommissionMeyers, Jerry RF&G Commissioner2019-07-01
Permanent Building Fund Advisory CouncilBateman, Cindy L.Banking2019-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardFry, Jr., James DaleGOV--Local School Board Rep.2019-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardKloepfer, Suzanne L.Gov-Parent2019-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardMeyer, Becky W.Gov--School Supt.2019-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardEasley, K. LoganGOV--Teacher2019-07-01
Speech, Hearing & Communication Services Licensure BoardOlsen, Cynthia KathleenAudiologist2019-07-01
Speech, Hearing & Communication Services Licensure BoardOsterhout, Barbra FischerSpeech Pathologist2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilAndueza, Rosie Y.Behavioral Health2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHuber, Rick LeeConsumer2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilLewis, Gregory EdwardCorrections/Adult2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilEllis, Brady B.Housing2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilKing, Marianne C.Office of Drug Policy2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHokanson, Kimberly H.Parent/Advocate/Rep-CHAIR2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHamso, Magni Physician2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilBroncheau, Abraham FrancisTribal Rep.2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilChapin, Denise N.VR2019-07-01
State Board of EducationWesterberg, Richard D.Board Member2019-07-01
State Board of OptometryGoodman, Raymond C.Optometrist2019-07-01
State Board of PodiatryWilliams, Douglas S.Podiatrist2019-07-01
State Board of PodiatrySpringer, Ione Public Member2019-07-01
State Board of Professional Counselors & Marriage & Family TherapistsField, Piper AnneMarriage/Family Therapist2019-07-01
State Soil & Water Conservation CommissionRadford, Dave G.2019-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardHansen, Von Industry2019-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardHill, David JohnMember, SBOE2019-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardMcMurtrey, Timothy "Tim" WayneRep. Supt. Public Instruction2019-07-01
Criminal Justice CommissionCawthon, James Magistrate Court2019-07-20
Lake Pend Oreille Basin CommissionHill, Craig member2019-07-24
State Board of AccountancyVanOrden, Terrell LayneCPA2019-08-31
State Board of AccountancyHallett, Darrell JaeCPA2019-08-31
State Board of Veterinary MedicineDredge, Bruce MatthewRexburg--Veterinarian2019-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilMcCray, Jefferson D.(A)Business2019-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilWiesmore, Jr., Kenneth K.(B) Labor Union2019-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilClark, Linda (C)Local public education2019-09-01
Idaho Potato CommissionToevs, Ritchey Grower2019-09-15
Idaho Potato CommissionBrown, Tommy H.Processor2019-09-15
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardClarich, Kirk W.Environmental Rep.2019-09-24
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardJohnson, Forde Financial/Insurance Rep.2019-09-24
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardJackson, John Marketer >10 mil2019-09-24
State Board of Veterinary MedicineSimpson, Kathy Idaho Falls--Public Member2019-10-15
State Historical Records Advisory BoardStevens, Jennifer AudreyHistorical Consultant2019-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardBryant, Jeffrey Records Management2019-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardMatte, David R.State Archivist2019-10-20
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionOliason, Pamela Comm. on Aging2019-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionReusser, John RayID Suicide Prevention HOTLINE2019-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionGopon, Tobias PaulMD2019-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionSantos, Neva A.Suicide Prevention2019-10-25
Idaho Humanities CouncilGibson, Susan F.At Large2019-10-31
Idaho Humanities CouncilNelson, Jo Ann K.N Idaho2019-10-31
Idaho Humanities CouncilClark, Trent Southeast Region2019-10-31
Idaho Humanities CouncilYsursa, John M.SW Idaho2019-10-31
Idaho State Historical SocietyJohnston, James "Jim" 2019-12-31
Idaho State Historical SocietyButticci, Bill CHAIR2019-12-31
Occupational Therapy Licensure BoardStrand, Cherie L.OT2019-12-31
Physical Therapy Licensure BoardBailey, Mike D.Member PT2019-12-31
Physical Therapy Licensure BoardLippiello, Angela LynnMember PT Asst.2019-12-31
Board of DenturitryMiller, Pamela W.Public Member2020-01-01
Commission on Pardons and ParoleMoore, Raymond DavidRepublican2020-01-01
Commission on Pardons and ParoleWills, Rich Republican2020-01-01
Commission on Pardons and ParoleNeill, Karen Unaffiliated2020-01-01
Fourth District Magistrates CommissionGoff, Patrick BaileyMayor/42020-01-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeFulkerson, David DFM2020-01-01
Idaho Lottery CommissionCorbett, William CraigR2020-01-01
Idaho Public Safety & Security Information System (formerly ILETS)Gough, Shaun Sheriff2020-01-01
Idaho Sheep and Goat Health BoardPeterson, John R.Gem County2020-01-01
Idaho Sheep and Goat Health BoardRoyer, Kimberly SmithWashingotn Co--GOATS2020-01-01
Idaho Travel CouncilBurnett, Douglas D.Region I2020-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardTolley, Garry D.Specialty Contractor2020-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardBailey, Brian B.Specialty Sub-Contractor2020-01-01
Second District Magistrates CommissionBrown, David L.Mayor/22020-01-01
Sexual Offender Management BoardGaray, Paula K.Cultural Diversity and Behavior2020-01-01
Sexual Offender Management BoardMarx, Brian CPublic Defender2020-01-01
Sexual Offender Management BoardSonnenberg, Erwin L.Public Member2020-01-01
State Brand BoardDavison, Ronald EAuctions2020-01-01
Catastrophic Health Care Cost Program (CAT Board)High, David Public Member2020-01-02
Fifth District Magistrates CommissionBrown, Michael D.Mayor/52020-01-02
Board of Architectural ExaminersCone, Jay WayneArchitect2020-01-06
Bingo-Raffle Advisory BoardDuehren, Dennis P.District 5 R2020-01-07
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