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Appointment Vacancies

The following is a list of current board and commission vacancies, as well as vacancies that will occur in the next 60 days. Some positions are awaiting Senate confirmation. Call the Governor’s Office at 208-334-2100 with questions.

Bingo-Raffle Advisory Board(Vacant)District 2 None
Damage Prevention Board(Vacant)Excavator (j)
Developmental Disabilities Council(Vacant)Self Advocate
Driving Businesses Licensure Board(Vacant)Driving Business
Driving Businesses Licensure Board(Vacant)Public Member
Genetic Counselors Licensing Board(Vacant)Physician
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician Commission(Vacant)Public Interest
Judicial Council(Vacant)Bar Appt.
Juvenile Justice Commission(Vacant)Non-government Employee
Juvenile Justice Commission(Vacant)Youth Member
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory Board(Vacant)Motorcycle/ATV Dealer
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory Board(Vacant)New Car Dealer
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and Volunteerism(Vacant)SDOE Rep.
Sexual Offender Management Board(Vacant)Polygraph
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)CIL Rep
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)PWD At Large (VA Rep)
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)Region 1/PWD
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)Region 4/PWD
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)Region 5/PWD
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)Youth
SILC -- State Independent Living Council(Vacant)Youth
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Hispanic Rep
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Peer Support Specialist
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Social Services
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Tribal Rep.
State Behavioral Health Planning Council(Vacant)Veterans
State Board of Health and Welfare(Vacant)Region 2/ D
State Insurance Fund Board(Vacant)Representative
State Plumbing Board(Vacant)Public Member
State Public Defense Commission(Vacant)Defense Atty (Gov)
State Soil & Water Conservation Commission(Vacant)At Large
Workforce Development Council(Vacant)(B) Labor Union
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIBird, KeithMember2018-05-31
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionTroy, Caroline NilssonHouse2018-11-30
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilMartin, Fred S.Senate2018-11-30
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardArmstrong, RandyRepresentative2018-11-30
State Capitol CommissionWinder, Charles L.Senator2018-11-30
Idaho Code CommissionDoman, Andrew PaulAttorney2018-12-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBarton, TahnaCASA Rep2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceCarlson, GalenDep. Pros. Atty2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceTachell, JenniferEducation rep2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBergin, Jennifer R.EX OFFICIO2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceOsen, Melissa D.Former Foster Care Youth2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceUnsworth, MirenH&W2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceGemar, JoAnn MarieHomeless Youth2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceWickard, Joshua M.Public Defender--Chair '162019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceVaughn, Molly LuVictim Witness Advocate2019-04-01
Multistate Tax CommissionRoberts, KenState Member2019-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CSIWilliams, Michael JonathanMember2019-04-08
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIKling, Deborah A.Member2019-05-31
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionDurrant, KenDealer Alternate2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionOsborne, Kevin V.Dealer Member2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionTiegs, LelandGrower2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionNichols, MikeGrower2019-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardGoodliffe, JanetRegion VII2019-06-30
Idaho Honey Advertising CommissionMudd, Daniel J.(Undefined)2019-06-30
Health Quality Planning CommissionBramwell, Kenneth "Kenny" JensonHealth Insurance2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilKing, Marianne C.Office of Drug Policy2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHokanson, Kimberly H.Parent/Advocate/Rep-CHAIR2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHamso, MagniPhysician2019-07-01
Children at Risk Task ForceNordstrom, Lisa DianeAttorney2020-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CSIGrindstaff, Cally J.Member2020-04-08
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIHunter, Gerald Member2020-05-31
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionLejardi, SteveGrower2020-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionReynolds, David AlanGrower2020-06-30
Idaho Honey Advertising CommissionPuckett, Phil(Undefined)2020-06-30
Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility AdministratorsHyde, Kristen E.Licensed Nurse2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionMeltzer, Daniel LouisHealth Ins.2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionHill, Barton FredHospital2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionRichesin, Patricia LenoraHospital2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionHenbest, MargaretPublic Member2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteNaerebout, RobertAnimal Industry2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteSymms Gottschall, Sally MeganConsumer2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstitutePate, Barry JosephEducation-CSI2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteHenggeler, KellyOrchard Industry2020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionNancolas, GarretAssoc. ID Cities CHAIR 2016-20202020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionGreenberg, JacobDIGB 42020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionHulse, SamDIGB-62020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionPowell, Ralph W.Director ISP2020-07-01
Real Estate Appraiser BoardMcClaran, B. JanePublic Member2020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardGanske, JohnISP2020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardHuff, Charles "Chad" A.Sheriff's Assoc.2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilKinzler, Tiffany D.Medicaid2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilJones, Penny PSubstance-Use Provider2020-07-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionMitchell-Jones, VeronicaPublic Interest2020-08-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilWilson, MechelleChildren's Mental Health2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilMason, Paula JuneDevelopmental Sepc.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilDavis, Charlene M.Developmental Spec.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilNeil, Judith L.Early Interv. Svc. Coord.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilNeff, EllenEarly Intervention2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilHaddad, Jennifer "Jen" JoyFoster Care Rep.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilShamim, OmairHead Start Coll. Officer2020-09-01
Commission on Hispanic AffairsKauffman, ClarkAppt. by Speaker2020-11-30
Criminal Justice CommissionBurgoyne, GrantSenate appt.2020-11-30
Criminal Justice CommissionLakey, Todd Senate appt.2020-11-30
Idaho Bond Bank AuthorityVander Woude, JohnHouse of Representatives2020-11-30
Idaho Bond Bank AuthorityJohnson, DanSenate2020-11-30
Idaho Council on Indian AffairsAnderson, NeilHouse2020-11-30
Idaho Council on Indian AffairsAbernathy, Chris House2020-11-30
Idaho Council on Indian AffairsGuthrie, JimSenate2020-11-30
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionMartin, Fred S.Senate2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteLickley, LaurieHouse Appt.2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteToone, Sally House Appt.2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteWard-Engelking, Janie Senate Appt2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstitutePatrick, JimSenate Appt.2020-11-30
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoDixon, Sage House2020-11-30
Public Safety Communications CommissionYoungblood, Rick Legislature2020-11-30
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardHorman, WendyRep., Appt by Speaker2020-11-30
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardDen Hartog, LoriSenator appt. by Pro Tem2020-11-30
State Capitol CommissionMonks, Jason Representative2020-11-30
Board of DenturitryHowell, RichardProvider2021-01-01
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionCowger, Hailey LynnYouth Member2021-01-25
Hazardous Waste Facility Siting License Application Review PanelVonLindern, Mark P.Engineer/Industry2021-03-06
Hazardous Waste Facility Siting License Application Review PanelKunze, Jay F.Engineer/ISU Faculty2021-03-06
Hazardous Waste Facility Siting License Application Review PanelBudge, SuzanneGeologist2021-03-06
Children at Risk Task ForceClark, Stephen J.Magistrate Judge2021-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceRammell, Mark S.Magistrate Judge2021-04-01
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoRice, JimSenator2021-04-10
Idaho Endowment Fund Investment BoardSugiyama, RichellePublic Member2021-04-11
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionBriggs, JimGrower2021-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionHartman, JeffGrower2021-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsMittleider, Jan(Undefined)2021-06-30
Idaho Energy Resources AuthorityLliteras, Mark William(Undefined)2021-06-30
Idaho Honey Advertising CommissionMiller, Jay S.(Undefined)2021-06-30
Parks and Recreation BoardBlack, Peter "Pete" J.Dist. 5-D2021-06-30
Board of AcupunctureDowney, John C.Certified Acupuncturist2021-07-01
Criminal Justice CommissionBolz, DarrellPublic Defense Comm. Rep.2021-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionButcher, Alan Roger WadeArchives2021-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionRich, Christopher D.Recorder--Chair-20142021-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionLords, DiannaTitle Industry Rep.2021-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionDunnagan, TimEducation2021-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionEpperly, TedFamily Med. Residency2021-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionDavis, Charles Hospital2021-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionBeauchaine, Angela LynnePhysician2021-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionRusche, JohnPhysician (public member)2021-07-01
Idaho Apple CommissionHenggeler, Ryan P.Handler/ At large2021-07-01
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and BlindCrowley, Kathleen H.Certified2021-07-01
Idaho Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety BoardDavies, Richard B.Fire Fighter/Municipal2021-07-01
Idaho Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety BoardEstes, BenPublic Member2021-07-01
Idaho Oilseed CommissionOlson, Erik Jamesmember2021-07-01
Idaho Wolf Depredation Control BoardMcGrath, Stephen Public at large2021-07-01
Oil & Gas Conservation CommissionClassen, James S.Exploration Geologist2021-07-01
Real Estate Appraiser BoardMorgan, Paul JSouth East LRA2021-07-01
State Board of Registration for Professional GeologistsWelch, Donna R.Public Member2021-07-01
State Soil & Water Conservation CommissionTrebesch, Gerald "Jerry"Commission Member2021-07-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionPeterson, Kari JosephineID Assoc. of Counties2021-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionO'Connor, TerryId. Hosp. Assoc.2021-08-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilJohnson, Catherine K.7 RECC2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilLindig, Angela S.Disabilities Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilGauthier, Mary AnnEHS/HS Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilPeck, Suzanne MarieHomeless Prg. Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilHaro, Hillary EliaParent2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilHull, Carrie B.Parent2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilPetersen, Emily LynParent Representative2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilAllen, DavidPersonnel Prep Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilRupp, Ericka JaneProgram Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilKross, Teresa F.U of I2021-09-01
State Historical Records Advisory BoardRiley, James MichaelArchivist2021-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardMilne-Lane, Stephanie ACity Archivist2021-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardGeyer, Debbie K.City Clerk2021-10-20
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoNelson, David Minority Leadership2021-11-30
Idaho Rural PartnershipGrigg, Seth(G)-IAC - Dir2021-12-13
Idaho Rural PartnershipBeal, Art(G)-ID. Assoc. RC&D Council2021-12-13
Idaho Rural PartnershipMcCurdy, Jeff (G)-Region IV Development Assoc.2021-12-13
Idaho Rural PartnershipSchmaehl, Marjorie (J) Idaho Development2021-12-13
Board of Juvenile CorrectionsBlack, Barry M.Member2021-12-31
Idaho Rural PartnershipPacker, Kelley(G)-AIC2021-12-31
Peace Officer Standards and Training CouncilTurman, ShaneChief of Police Assn.2021-12-31
Peace Officer Standards and Training CouncilHenry, Rick Sheriff's Assoc. Rep.2021-12-31
Idaho Travel CouncilBarigar, Shawn A.Region IV2022-01-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionGuiberson, William DIGB 52022-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardGraves, Charles W.Construction Mgr.2022-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardRoletto, James JohnEngineer2022-01-01
State Building AuthorityHammond, James C.(Undefined)2022-01-01
State Building AuthorityCiavarella, Mark Member2022-01-01
Board of Architectural ExaminersHaight, Randy "Rann" W.Architect2022-01-06
Idaho Transportation BoardOsborn, Gary LLewiston2022-01-31
Governor's Roadless Rule Implementation CommissionIrby, AlexCommercial recreation activities2022-02-06
Governor's Roadless Rule Implementation CommissionDinning, DanCounty Commissioner2022-02-06
Governor's Roadless Rule Implementation CommissionCope, Robert E.Recreational Interests (11-13-14)2022-02-06
Oil & Gas Conservation CommissionCoppersmith, Betty Petroleum Engineer2022-03-08
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Compact CommissionMoore, VirgilDirector, F&G2022-03-08
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Compact CommissionHeider, LeeLeg Rep2022-03-08
Children at Risk Task ForceBaugh, James R.Disabilities Organization2022-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceMcDonald, NadineJuv. Probation Officer2022-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceGiddings, Douglas TerryLaw Enforcement2022-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceFreitas, Sheila SturgeonMental Health Professional2022-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceRobertson, Jill S.Parent rep2022-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBradford, V. SusanPediatrician2022-04-01
Idaho Board of Scaling PracticesBuell, Jack AALC/North2022-04-01
Idaho Board of Scaling PracticesStone, Trevor M.Owns > 50,000 acres2022-04-01
Commission on Hispanic AffairsCardona, Mauricio Public Member2022-04-15
PNWER Idaho CouncilArrington, Paul LaMar(Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilHausegger, Lori Joanne(Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilCosens, Barbara A.(Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilChatburn, John (Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilPower, Tom(Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilNilson, Ron(Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilBarton, Bill(Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilNess, Brian(Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilRichy, William "Brad"(Undefined)2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilOakey, BrianAgriculture2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilVerdon, JenniferCommerce2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilMadison, ScottInter. Gas2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilMcArthur, CharleneITD2022-04-19
PNWER Idaho CouncilSchultz, Tom Public Sector2022-04-19
Board of Drinking Water and Waste Water ProfessionalsShurtleff, David SinclairPublic Member2022-04-23
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning BoardHart, Randy A.HVAC Contractor2022-05-08
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning BoardSermon, Ted F.HVAC Contractor2022-05-08
Board of DenturitryKane, Sally Public Member2022-05-14
Sexual Offender Management BoardPorter, RyanNon-Voting2022-05-22
Board of PharmacydeBlaquiere, Richard AllanPharmacy Manager2022-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardWatters, Charlotte Region II2022-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardAndrus, Jill R.Region V2022-06-30
Idaho Commission for LibrariesStrickland, Michael RCommissioner2022-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsSan Miguel, Adrian (Undefined)2022-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsWilliams, Blair (Undefined)2022-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsGarrett, John Marshall(Undefined)2022-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsKeim, Delphine Dolores(Undefined)2022-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsBjornn, Marsha C(Undefined)2022-06-30
Idaho Energy Resources AuthorityHill, Randolph J.Chair 20172022-06-30
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionHeitstuman, Neil Grower2022-06-30
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionLustig, Levi Grower2022-06-30
Barber and Cosmetology Services Licensing BoardPorter, Brian Barber2022-07-01
Board of Environmental QualityKiebert, KermitAir Quality Rep2022-07-01
Board of Environmental QualityBowen, Mark AllenKnowledge Rep2022-07-01
Board of Examiners of Nursing Home AdministratorsScott, Amanda Other Profession2022-07-01
Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility AdministratorsNathan, Natalie M.Related Profession2022-07-01
Board of Social Work ExaminersHatch, Donna LynnLCSW2022-07-01
Commission for the Blind & Visually ImpairedWalker, Sue Board Member - D2022-07-01
Commission for the Blind & Visually ImpairedWatkins, Mark MBoard Member - R2022-07-01
Commission on Hispanic AffairsAlvarez, JuanPublic Member2022-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingCabbage, Jonas Deaf Person2022-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingPlayer, Valerie Parent of a deaf child2022-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingFors, Gretchen SnyderParent of HH Child2022-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingRobison, Jacob G.Physician2022-07-01
Damage Prevention BoardEllis, Charles "Roy"Res. Contractor2022-07-01
Driving Businesses Licensure BoardWillie, Craig "Randy" RandalDriving Business2022-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionMace, Abbie DawnRecorder2022-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionDressen, Betty J.Recorder2022-07-01
Factory Built Structures Advisory BoardRoche, Kenneth PatrickInstaller/dealer Modular2022-07-01
Factory Built Structures Advisory BoardHampton, Michael S.Lives in Mfg. Home2022-07-01
Factory Built Structures Advisory BoardMattson, Brian Retailer Mfg. Homes2022-07-01
Horse BoardChristensen, Dixie Racing2022-07-01
Horse BoardBonney, Stephanie JaymesTrail Pleasure2022-07-01
Idaho Apple CommissionRowley, Sean Grower--Dist. 12022-07-01
Idaho Apple CommissionBall, Larry R.Handler-at-Large2022-07-01
Idaho Board of Landscape ArchitectsOpdahl, James H.Public Member2022-07-01
Idaho Building Code BoardGuho, Nick JCommercial Contractor2022-07-01
Idaho Building Code BoardJohnson, Ronald Fire Offical2022-07-01
Idaho Building Code BoardCotner, John MarkGeneral Contractor2022-07-01
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and BlindGibson, Michael D.Citizen who is Blind/Visually Impaired2022-07-01
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and BlindPlayer, Valerie Parent of D/B Student2022-07-01
Idaho Cherry CommissionGonzalez, Jr., Everardo "Lalo" Grower-at-Large2022-07-01
Idaho Cherry CommissionSymms Gottschall, Sally MeganHandler2022-07-01
Idaho Electrical BoardFields, Chad Contractor2022-07-01
Idaho Electrical BoardMarchetti, James ClarkJourneyman2022-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteHurst, WayneGrain Producer2022-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteMuir, FrankRow Crop Commodity2022-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteWinegar, Dell RaySpecialty Crop Industry Rep2022-07-01
Idaho Health Facilities AuthorityZabala, ThomasArchitect2022-07-01
Idaho Housing and Finance AssociationCottle, Ralph G.Banking2022-07-01
Idaho Housing and Finance AssociationKeen, Steven R.Business/Finance2022-07-01
Idaho Housing and Finance AssociationNesset, JeffFinance2022-07-01
Idaho Oilseed CommissionRosenau, Jonathan Member2022-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardSmith, Stafford New Vehicle Dealer2022-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardSexton, Timothy PhilipUsed Vehicle Dealer2022-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardHouse, KenUsed Vehicle Dealer2022-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardPetersen, BobUsed Vehicle Dealer2022-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardWhite, James Used Vehicle Dealer2022-07-01
Parks and Recreation BoardEastwood, R. DougDistrict 1-R2022-07-01
Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho BoardPrice, ParkTrustee--Pocatello2022-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionWeak, Jeff Chair of ITA2022-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionBoeger, Carmen J.DIGB-32022-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionKingsbury, Craig S.ID Chiefs of Police2022-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionCarreras, MicheleIDHW State Communications2022-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionJones, Wes A.Native American Tribal Rep.2022-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionBartlett, Stephen AlanSheriff's Assoc2022-07-01
Real Estate CommissionJohnston, Michael JamesMember/Idaho Falls2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardRichy, William "Brad"BHS2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardGates, David G.Fire Chiefs Assoc. Rep.2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardFry, Jr., James DaleGOV--Local School Board Rep.2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardKloepfer, Suzanne L.Gov-Parent2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardMeyer, Becky W.Gov--School Supt.2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardPhillips, Alexandrea GOV--Teacher2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardCochran, Terry Police Chiefs Assoc.2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardFreeman, MattState Board of Education2022-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardMcCarter, MattSupt. Pub. Instruction Rep.2022-07-01
Speech, Hearing & Communication Services Licensure BoardOlsen, Cynthia KathleenAudiologist2022-07-01
Speech, Hearing & Communication Services Licensure BoardOsterhout, Barbra FischerSpeech Pathologist2022-07-01
State Board of Professional Counselors & Marriage & Family TherapistsLanzet, Steven I.Counselor2022-07-01
State Board of Registration for Professional GeologistsGunter, Mickey E.Academic Geologist2022-07-01
State Capitol CommissionSymms-Pollot, MaryMember/Boise2022-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionTrout, Linda CoppleChief Justice Appt.2022-07-01
Treasurer's Investment Advisory BoardSugiyama, RichelleMember2022-07-01
Treasurer's Investment Advisory BoardGill, Todd HMember2022-07-01
Lake Pend Oreille Basin CommissionHill, Craigmember2022-07-24
State Appellate Public DefenderFredericksen, Eric D.State Appellate Pub. Defender2022-08-01
State Board of AccountancyBell, James "Jim" F.CPA nom. By IAPA2022-08-31
State Board of Veterinary MedicineHeins, Jeffrey "Jeff" STwin Falls--Veterinarian2022-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilPegram, James (A) Business2022-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilSchultz, Tom (B) Apprenticeship2022-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilClark, Linda (C) State Board of Education2022-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilWhitney, Marilyn (C) State Dept of Education2022-09-01
First District Magistrates CommissionJacobson, Ronald G.Mayor A2022-09-30
State Athletic CommissionerWills, Kyle Jared(Undefined)2022-10-01
State Board of Veterinary MedicineNisle, Larry Rupert--Public Member2022-10-15
State Historical Records Advisory BoardCrotty, Robin City Clerk2022-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardBryant, JeffreyRecords Management2022-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardJones, Zachary Reference Manager2022-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardMatte, David R.State Archivist2022-10-20
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionOwens, Dotti Ada County Coroner2022-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionOlsen, Erin Comm. on Aging2022-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionWoodruff, Liz Idaho Academy of Family Physicians2022-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionWalton, Michael MD2022-10-25
Idaho Humanities CouncilOlson, Christina At-Large2022-10-31
Idaho Humanities CouncilEnglish, Dan N Idaho2022-10-31
Idaho Humanities CouncilClark, Trent SE Region2022-10-31
Idaho Humanities CouncilGibson, Susan F.SW Idaho2022-10-31
Workforce Development CouncilEvans, Oscar (B) Veteran Rep2022-11-22
Board of Drinking Water and Waste Water ProfessionalsStuart, Stacy Backflow Assembly Tester2022-11-25
Sexual Offender Management Board(Vacant)Public Member2023-01-01
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