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Appointment Vacancies

The following is a list of current board and commission vacancies, as well as vacancies that will occur in the next 60 days. Some positions are awaiting Senate confirmation. Call the Governor’s Office at 208-334-2100 with questions.

Bingo-Raffle Advisory BoardDiessner, Wendy W.C.District 2 None2017-01-07
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIBird, KeithMember2018-05-31
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilBeechler, Evangeline M.LGBTQ Rep.2018-07-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionAlter, James D.Public Interest2018-08-01
Education Commission of the StatesMortimer, DeanLegislature2018-11-30
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionTroy, Caroline NilssonHouse2018-11-30
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilMartin, Fred S.Senate2018-11-30
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardArmstrong, RandyRepresentative2018-11-30
State Capitol CommissionWinder, Charles L.Senator2018-11-30
Idaho Code CommissionDoman, Andrew PaulAttorney2018-12-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBarton, TahnaCASA Rep2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceCarlson, GalenDep. Pros. Atty2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceTachell, JenniferEducation rep2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBergin, Jennifer R.EX OFFICIO2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceOsen, Melissa D.Former Foster Care Youth2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceUnsworth, MirenH&W2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceGemar, JoAnn MarieHomeless Youth2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceWickard, Joshua M.Public Defender--Chair '162019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceVaughn, Molly LuVictim Witness Advocate2019-04-01
Multistate Tax CommissionRoberts, KenState Member2019-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CSIWilliams, Michael JonathanMember2019-04-08
Outfitters and Guides Licensing BoardHunsucker, C. WaynePublic member2019-04-20
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIKling, Deborah A.Member2019-05-31
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionSmith, Pat L.Grower2019-06-20
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionDurrant, KenDealer Alternate2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionOsborne, Kevin V.Dealer Member2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionNichols, MikeGrower2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionTiegs, LelandGrower2019-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardGoodliffe, JanetRegion VII2019-06-30
Idaho Commission for LibrariesAlldredge, Mark C.(Undefined)2019-06-30
Idaho Honey Advertising CommissionMudd, Daniel J.(Undefined)2019-06-30
Board of Massage TherapySolace, Justin KobbeMessage Therapist2019-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionBramwell, Kenneth "Kenny" JensonHealth Insurance2019-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionHamilton, MontyGarden Bean Dealer2019-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionHuettig, Douglas MichaelGrower2019-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardDukes, Mark L.Motorcycle/ATV Dealer2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilAndueza, Rosie Y.Behavioral Health2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHuber, Rick LeeConsumer2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilLewis, Gregory EdwardCorrections/Adult2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilEllis, Brady B.Housing2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilKing, Marianne C.Office of Drug Policy2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHokanson, Kimberly H.Parent/Advocate/Rep-CHAIR2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHamso, MagniPhysician2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilBroncheau, Abraham FrancisTribal Rep.2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilChapin, Denise N.VR2019-07-01
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardClarich, Kirk W.Environmental Rep.2019-09-24
Physical Therapy Licensure BoardLippiello, Angela LynnMember PT Asst.2019-12-31
Idaho Sheep and Goat Health BoardPeterson, John R.Gem County2020-01-01
Idaho Sheep and Goat Health BoardRoyer, Kimberly SmithWashingotn Co--GOATS2020-01-01
Children at Risk Task ForceNordstrom, Lisa DianeAttorney2020-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CSIGrindstaff, Cally J.Member2020-04-08
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIHunter, GeraldMember2020-05-31
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionLejardi, SteveGrower2020-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionReynolds, David AlanGrower2020-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsMeyers, Jeanne(Undefined)2020-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsZuckerman, Dana Demb(Undefined)2020-06-30
Idaho Energy Resources AuthorityMooney, Michael "Mike" Mark(Undefined)2020-06-30
Idaho Honey Advertising CommissionPuckett, Phil(Undefined)2020-06-30
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionHammond, W. DirkDealer/Handler2020-06-30
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionAnderson, JayGrower2020-06-30
Board of AcupunctureStrong, Marlene F.Public Member2020-07-01
Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility AdministratorsBrough Nye, Heidi JoleneAdministrator -- CHAIR-20142020-07-01
Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility AdministratorsHyde, Kristen E.Licensed Nurse2020-07-01
Board of Massage TherapyGarey, Marcia CharleneMassage Therapist2020-07-01
Commission for the Blind & Visually ImpairedGibson, Michael D.Board Member R2020-07-01
Driving Businesses Licensure BoardTodd, Faith AnnDriving Business2020-07-01
Driving Businesses Licensure BoardBradford, Theresa AnnPublic Member2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionMeltzer, Daniel LouisHealth Ins.2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionRichesin, Patricia LenoraHospital2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionHill, Barton FredHospital2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionHenbest, MargaretPublic Member2020-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionTolmie, Don E.Dealer2020-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionGoodson, Michael A.Grower2020-07-01
Idaho Commission on Human RightsCravens, L. DanielPublic Member2020-07-01
Idaho Commission on Human RightsErickson, HyrumPublic Member2020-07-01
Idaho Commission on Human RightsJohnson, Evelyn Public Member2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteNaerebout, RobertAnimal Industry2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteSymms Gottschall, Sally MeganConsumer2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstitutePate, Barry JosephEducation-CSI2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteHenggeler, KellyOrchard Industry2020-07-01
Idaho Oilseed CommissionKress, Cordell R.(Undefined)2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionWasden, LawrenceCHAIR/AG's Office2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionLavey, Jeff AllenChief of Police Assoc.2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionMiller, TimPeace Officerss Assoc.2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionTaylor, BryanProsecuting Attys2020-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardAnderson, Scott MRV dealer2020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionNancolas, GarretAssoc. ID Cities CHAIR 2016-20202020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionGreenberg, JacobDIGB 42020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionHulse, SamDIGB-62020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionPowell, Ralph W.Director ISP2020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionHumphries, Len C.ID Sheriff's Assoc.2020-07-01
Real Estate Appraiser BoardMcClaran, B. JanePublic Member2020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardGanske, JohnISP2020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardHuff, Charles "Chad" A.Sheriff's Assoc.2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilRubino, Tammy K.Community Coalitions-VICE CHAIR2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilStone, Jason H.Corrections/Youth2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilMcCleary, AngenieCounty2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilPetty, Gene AJudge2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilKinzler, Tiffany D.Medicaid2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilDockins, Debi GPrevention Rep2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHaddad, Jennifer "Jen" JoySocial Services2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilGabert, JudySPAN Idaho2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilJones, Penny PSubstance-Use Provider2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilFowers, MelanieVeterans2020-07-01
State Board of MedicineSonnenberg, Erwin L.Public Member2020-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionBolz, DarrellRep.JJComm(Gov Appt)2020-07-01
State Soil & Water Conservation CommissionRoemer, Catherine M.Commission Member2020-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardMooney, DeeIndustry2020-07-01
Lake Pend Oreille Basin CommissionBrinkmeyer, MarcMember2020-07-24
Lake Pend Oreille Basin CommissionBaker, Brentmember2020-07-24
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionKarambay, James JosephACEP2020-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionLemon, Michael L.Am. College of Surgeons2020-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionLuther, Gordon E.Idaho Fire Chiefs Assoc2020-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionMitchell-Jones, VeronicaPublic Interest2020-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionSandy, CurtisState Board of Medicine2020-08-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilWilson, MechelleChildren's Mental Health2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilMason, Paula JuneDevelopmental Sepc.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilDavis, Charlene M.Developmental Spec.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilNeil, Judith L.Early Interv. Svc. Coord.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilNeff, EllenEarly Intervention2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilHaddad, Jennifer "Jen" JoyFoster Care Rep.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilShamim, OmairHead Start Coll. Officer2020-09-01
State Historical Records Advisory BoardStone, Mackenzie AnnDeputy State Coordinator2020-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardScott, Wendy A.TF County Dep. Clerk2020-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardRoberts, Tara U of I Special Collections/Archives2020-10-20
Commission on Hispanic AffairsWard-Engelking, JanieAppt. by Pres. Pro Tem2020-11-30
Commission on Hispanic AffairsKauffman, ClarkAppt. by Speaker2020-11-30
Commission on Hispanic AffairsGreen, Brooke Appt. by Speaker2020-11-30
Criminal Justice CommissionBurgoyne, GrantSenate appt.2020-11-30
Criminal Justice CommissionLakey, ToddSenate appt.2020-11-30
Education Commission of the StatesHorman, WendyLegislature2020-11-30
Idaho Bond Bank AuthorityVander Woude, JohnHouse of Representatives2020-11-30
Idaho Bond Bank AuthorityJohnson, DanSenate2020-11-30
Idaho Council on Indian AffairsAnderson, NeilHouse2020-11-30
Idaho Council on Indian AffairsAbernathy, Chris House2020-11-30
Idaho Council on Indian AffairsGuthrie, JimSenate2020-11-30
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionMartin, Fred S.Senate2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteLickley, LaurieHouse Appt.2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteToone, Sally House Appt.2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteWard-Engelking, JanieSenate Appt2020-11-30
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstitutePatrick, JimSenate Appt.2020-11-30
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoDixon, Sage House2020-11-30
Public Charter School CommissionKunz, Kathleen "Kitty"Appt by Pro Tem2020-11-30
Public Safety Communications CommissionYoungblood, Rick Legislature2020-11-30
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardHorman, WendyRep., Appt by Speaker2020-11-30
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardDen Hartog, LoriSenator appt. by Pro Tem2020-11-30
State Capitol CommissionMonks, Jason Representative2020-11-30
Western Interstate Commission for Higher EducationLent, Dave Legislative Rep2020-11-30
Workforce Development CouncilHoehne, Deni Business - CHAIR2020-12-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionShaw, Natella IreneTribes2020-12-14
Commission on Hispanic AffairsThayn, Steven Appt. by the Pres. Pro Tem2020-12-31
Board of DenturitryWolfrum, Carla "Jess"Provider2021-01-01
Board of DenturitryHowell, RichardProvider2021-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardJackson, JoeBuilding Construction Rep.2021-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardGoodwin, Evan H.Heavy Equipment Rep.2021-01-01
Public Works Contractors License BoardAustin, Robbie RayHighway Rep.2021-01-01
State Building AuthorityTracy, Bud(Undefined)2021-01-01
Workforce Development CouncilSyme, Scott Alan(D) Rep2021-01-04
State Board of Health and WelfareStroschein, TomRegion 2/ D2021-01-07
Veterans Affairs CommissionGimpel, Arthur L.American Legion2021-01-15
Veterans Affairs CommissionDub, Leo J.VFW2021-01-15
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionCowger, Hailey LynnYouth Member2021-01-25
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismSanchez, Lisa ELocal Gov2021-03-01
Hazardous Waste Facility Siting License Application Review PanelVonLindern, Mark P.Engineer/Industry2021-03-06
Hazardous Waste Facility Siting License Application Review PanelKunze, Jay F.Engineer/ISU Faculty2021-03-06
Hazardous Waste Facility Siting License Application Review PanelBudge, SuzanneGeologist2021-03-06
State Board of MedicineGarland, Erich W.MD -- Neurology2021-03-17
State Board of MedicineMalek, Steven J.MD-- Emergency2021-03-17
Children at Risk Task ForceClark, Stephen J.Magistrate Judge2021-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceRammell, Mark S.Magistrate Judge2021-04-01
Idaho Board of Scaling PracticesHarper, Alan Brucemore than 100mbf2021-04-01
State Board of NursingMoseley, Jan V.RN, BSN2021-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CSIWinkle, Terry WMember2021-04-08
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoRice, JimSenator2021-04-10
Idaho Endowment Fund Investment BoardSugiyama, RichellePublic Member2021-04-11
Outfitters and Guides Licensing BoardStark, Louise D.Outfitter2021-04-20
Board of Drinking Water and Waste Water ProfessionalsShepherd, Michael W.Drinking Water Rep.2021-04-23
State Board of MorticiansGordon, Steve LoranMortician2021-05-01
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning BoardChristoffersen, Garret ACity Official2021-05-08
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning BoardFerm, MarkCounty Offical2021-05-08
Idaho Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning BoardCarter, William AndrewMechanical Engineer2021-05-08
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilHeinrich, Melva A.CIL Rep2021-05-28
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilBjork, Eric E.Parent Advocate2021-05-28
Dormitory Housing Commission--NICMarcheso, John NMember2021-06-16
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeJackson, Richard Member at Large2021-06-24
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionBriggs, JimGrower2021-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionHartman, JeffGrower2021-06-30
Board of Tax AppealsHeinrich, Leland G.R/Cascade2021-06-30
Idaho Commission for LibrariesFranklin, Janet L.(Undefined)2021-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsMittleider, Jan(Undefined)2021-06-30
Idaho Energy Resources AuthorityLliteras, Mark William(Undefined)2021-06-30
Idaho Honey Advertising CommissionMiller, Jay S.(Undefined)2021-06-30
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionMeyer, Kevin J.Grower2021-06-30
Judicial CouncilLarsen, ReedBar Appt.2021-06-30
Parks and Recreation BoardBlack, Peter "Pete" J.Dist. 5-D2021-06-30
Barber and Cosmetology Services Licensing BoardRucker, WendyCosmetologist2021-07-01
Barber and Cosmetology Services Licensing BoardThompson, GenealElectrologist/Aesthetician2021-07-01
Barber and Cosmetology Services Licensing BoardHigh, LindyPublic Member2021-07-01
Board of AcupunctureDowney, John C.Certified Acupuncturist2021-07-01
Board of Chiropractic PhysiciansOliver, Herbert W.Physician2021-07-01
Board of Examiners of Nursing Home AdministratorsThompson, Joshua R.Administrator CHAIR2021-07-01
Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility AdministratorsSimon, LindaAdministrator2021-07-01
Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility AdministratorsWheeler, Ann FPublic Member2021-07-01
Board of Massage TherapyNagle-Ker, Riki NMassage Therapist2021-07-01
Certified Shorthand Reporters BoardLewis, Ryan ScottAttorney2021-07-01
Certified Shorthand Reporters BoardCinnamon, Byrl RCourt Reporter2021-07-01
Commission for the Blind & Visually ImpairedSchneider, Allan R.Board Member (I)2021-07-01
Commission for the Blind & Visually ImpairedRaubenheimer, BrittCHAIR (I)2021-07-01
Commission for the Blind & Visually ImpairedStinger, B.J.Visually imp - R2021-07-01
Commission on Hispanic AffairsCastillo-Teran, IvanPublic Member2021-07-01
Commission on Hispanic AffairsAllen, Erika L.Public Member2021-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingBirkby II, Steven W.Assoc. of Deaf Rep.2021-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingKubalik, Marva GraceHH over 602021-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingBall, JoelynneInterpreter2021-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingBanasiak, Emilie LeanneNat. HH Organization Rep.2021-07-01
Criminal Justice CommissionBolz, DarrellPublic Defense Comm. Rep.2021-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilSteed, JamesIndivid.Inst.-CHAIR 18'-19'2021-07-01
Driving Businesses Licensure BoardFenn, Robert MartinDriving Business2021-07-01
Driving Businesses Licensure BoardHaustveit, Jared HughDriving Business2021-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionButcher, Alan Roger WadeArchives2021-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionRich, Christopher D.Recorder--Chair-20142021-07-01
Electronic Recording CommissionLords, DiannaTitle Industry Rep.2021-07-01
Factory Built Structures Advisory BoardJensen, Michael "Mike" W.Installer/ Mfg homes2021-07-01
Factory Built Structures Advisory BoardAlley, MarkusMfg--Commercial2021-07-01
Forest Products CommissionMahon, MarkDistrict 4 - Council (VACANT)2021-07-01
Genetic Counselors Licensing BoardBeck, Thomas McNeilPhysician2021-07-01
Grape Growers and Wine Producers CommissionWilliamson, MikeGrower2021-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionDunnagan, TimEducation2021-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionEpperly, TedFamily Med. Residency2021-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionDavis, Charles Hospital2021-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionBeauchaine, Angela LynnePhysician2021-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionRusche, JohnPhysician (public member)2021-07-01
Horse BoardKeller, Anna LucyBreeding2021-07-01
Horse BoardKeshian, Harry "Tosch" K.Racing2021-07-01
Horse BoardBlayney, ConnieShow2021-07-01
Idaho Apple CommissionBrooke, Katherine JDistrict 2 Grower2021-07-01
Idaho Apple CommissionHenggeler, Ryan P.Handler/ At large2021-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionLohnes, GinaDealer2021-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionLootens, Kelly JosephGrower2021-07-01
Idaho Beef CouncilNelsen, Matthew FDariy Rep2021-07-01
Idaho Beef CouncilJohnson, JeffFeeder Rep.2021-07-01
Idaho Building Code BoardBlais, Jason C.City Building Official2021-07-01
Idaho Building Code BoardMaxand, Jermey Disabled Rep2021-07-01
Idaho Building Code BoardBleth, Robert CharlesModular Building Industry2021-07-01
Idaho Building Code BoardSoelberg, Kent BudgeRegistered Engineer2021-07-01
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and BlindCrowley, Kathleen H.Certified2021-07-01
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and BlindStubbs, Steven G.Citizen who is Deaf2021-07-01
Idaho Cherry CommissionHenggeler, KellyDealer2021-07-01
Idaho Cherry CommissionGreen, KeithGrower2021-07-01
Idaho Commission on AgingMagera, ChristianeDist. 1 - D2021-07-01
Idaho Commission on AgingPankey, David MichaelDist. II (I )2021-07-01
Idaho Contractors BoardWebb, Todd B.Southeastern District2021-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeFulkerson, DavidDFM2021-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeCrosby, LenIdaho Bond Bank Rep.2021-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeHunter, GeraldIHFA2021-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeOberle, Julie SDOE Rep.2021-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeMeuleman, WayneState Building Authority Rep.2021-07-01
Idaho Electrical BoardFeusier, Todd PaulJourneyman2021-07-01
Idaho Energy Resources AuthorityElliott, Michael P.(Undefined)2021-07-01
Idaho Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety BoardDavies, Richard B.Fire Fighter/Municipal2021-07-01
Idaho Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety BoardEstes, BenPublic Member2021-07-01
Idaho Oilseed CommissionOlson, Erik Jamesmember2021-07-01
Idaho Personnel CommissionGriffin, Sarah E.Democrat2021-07-01
Idaho Wolf Depredation Control BoardMcGrath, Stephen Public at large2021-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionJensen, Abigail LynnYouth Member2021-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionDenny, WayneEMS Rep.2021-07-01
Oil & Gas Conservation CommissionShigeta, MarcCounty Commissioner2021-07-01
Oil & Gas Conservation CommissionClassen, James S.Exploration Geologist2021-07-01
Real Estate Appraiser BoardMorgan, Paul JSouth East LRA2021-07-01
Real Estate Appraiser BoardGraham, Jody Southwest CGA2021-07-01
Real Estate CommissionGamblin, Michael LaneMember/Boise2021-07-01
Speech, Hearing & Communication Services Licensure BoardChaney, Gayle L.Audiologist2021-07-01
Speech, Hearing & Communication Services Licensure BoardWoodall, Kevin C.Speech Pathologist2021-07-01
State Board of Optometryvon Tagen, William A.Public Member2021-07-01
State Board of PodiatryArnold, Jeanne MariePodiatrist2021-07-01
State Board of Professional Counselors & Marriage & Family TherapistsBaughman, Dennis M.LCPC2021-07-01
State Board of Professional Counselors & Marriage & Family TherapistsKammer, Tami S.LCPS/LMFT2021-07-01
State Board of Professional Counselors & Marriage & Family TherapistsSweesy, Sandra "Sandy" CarolPublic Member2021-07-01
State Board of Registration for Professional GeologistsWelch, Donna R.Public Member2021-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionDinning, DanAssoc Counties (Gov)2021-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionLoschi, Jonathan "Jon" DavidDefense Atty (Gov)2021-07-01
State Soil & Water Conservation CommissionTrebesch, Gerald "Jerry"Commission Member2021-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardJackson, Jennifer MIndustry2021-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardCasey, Paul JIndustry2021-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardRosser, Robert "Jeff" JeffreyIndustry2021-07-01
Workforce Development CouncilGreene, Jeffrey (A) Business2021-07-09
Lake Pend Oreille Basin CommissionElsaesser, FordChairman2021-07-24
Lake Pend Oreille Basin CommissionMitchell, Lindamember2021-07-24
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionUrban, Mark R.Am. Academy of Pediatrics2021-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionLima, Ann VogtBureau of EMS2021-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionPeterson, Kari JosephineID Assoc. of Counties2021-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionO'Connor, TerryId. Hosp. Assoc.2021-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionButler-Hall, IanIdaho Med. Association2021-08-01
State Board of AccountancyPeery, Jason D.CPA2021-08-31
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilJohnson, Catherine K.7 RECC2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilLindig, Angela S.Disabilities Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilGauthier, Mary AnnEHS/HS Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilPeck, Suzanne MarieHomeless Prg. Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilHull, Carrie B.Parent2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilHaro, Hillary EliaParent2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilPetersen, Emily LynParent Representative2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilAllen, DavidPersonnel Prep Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilRupp, Ericka JaneProgram Rep.2021-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilKross, Teresa F.U of I2021-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilLeonard, Liza (A) Business2021-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilMorrow, Hope (A) Business2021-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilDonnellan, Jane(C) Gov Rep-Voc Rehab2021-09-01
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardAdams, Brett RMarketer 5-10 Mil2021-09-24
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardDeRoche, DennisMarketer< 5 mil2021-09-24
Commission on Uniform State LawsHiger, Dale G.(Undefined)2021-09-30
Commission on Uniform State LawsBrassey, J. Michael(Undefined)2021-09-30
Commission on Uniform State LawsBlackburn, Rex(Undefined)2021-09-30
Commission on Uniform State LawsJensen, David S.(Undefined)2021-09-30
State Board of Veterinary MedicinePierce, Robert N.Sandpoint--Veterinarian2021-10-15
State Historical Records Advisory BoardRiley, James MichaelArchivist2021-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardMilne-Lane, Stephanie ACity Archivist2021-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardGeyer, Debbie K.City Clerk2021-10-20
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionDerrick, Bree Corrections, Adult2021-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionStudebaker, Eric Dept. of Ed.2021-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionHarris, JessicaDHW-Suicide Prevention2021-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionWaite, Renee Juvenile Corrections2021-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionPerusse, Catherine M.NAMI Board Mbr.2021-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionWilder, William StewartSuicide Prevention Advocacy 2021-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionStanger, Carmen KaySuicide Prevention Advocacy 2021-10-25
Board of Psychologist ExaminersDarrington, Denton C.Public Member2021-11-29
Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board--Your Health IdahoNelson, David Minority Leadership2021-11-30
Workforce Development CouncilFletcher, Audrey Elizabeth(A) Industry Rep2021-12-01
Idaho Rural PartnershipGrigg, Seth(G)-IAC - Dir2021-12-13
Idaho Rural PartnershipBeal, Art(G)-ID. Assoc. RC&D Council2021-12-13
Idaho Rural PartnershipMcCurdy, Jeff (G)-Region IV Development Assoc.2021-12-13
Idaho Rural PartnershipSchmaehl, Marjorie (J) Idaho Development2021-12-13
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