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Appointment Vacancies

The following is a list of current board and commission vacancies, as well as vacancies that will occur in the next 60 days. Some positions are awaiting Senate confirmation. Call the Governor’s Office at 208-334-2100 with questions.

Governor's Roadless Rule Implementation Commission(Vacant)Environmental organization
Idaho Fish and Game Commission(Vacant)Region 7-- Democrat
Bingo-Raffle Advisory BoardDiessner, Wendy W.C.District 2 None2017-01-07
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIBird, KeithMember2018-05-31
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilBeechler, Evangeline M.LGBTQ Rep.2018-07-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionAlter, James D.Public Interest2018-08-01
Education Commission of the StatesMortimer, DeanLegislature2018-11-30
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionTroy, Caroline NilssonHouse2018-11-30
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilMartin, Fred S.Senate2018-11-30
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardArmstrong, RandyRepresentative2018-11-30
State Capitol CommissionWinder, Charles L.Senator2018-11-30
Idaho Code CommissionDoman, Andrew PaulAttorney2018-12-01
State Board of Health and WelfareRoberge, Richard T.Region 3/2019-01-07
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismReese, Carrie A.Community Based Agency2019-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismHibbert, FarhanaHuman, Ed, Environ Svs2019-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismSchowalter, Colleen A.Volunteer Sector2019-03-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBarton, TahnaCASA Rep2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceCarlson, GalenDep. Pros. Atty2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceTachell, JenniferEducation rep2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceBergin, Jennifer R.EX OFFICIO2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceOsen, Melissa D.Former Foster Care Youth2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceUnsworth, MirenH&W2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceGemar, JoAnn MarieHomeless Youth2019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceWickard, Joshua M.Public Defender--Chair '162019-04-01
Children at Risk Task ForceVaughn, Molly LuVictim Witness Advocate2019-04-01
Idaho Rural PartnershipValdez, Rogelio (Roy)(B)-Dep of Labor-Dir Designee2019-04-01
Multistate Tax CommissionRoberts, KenState Member2019-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CSIWilliams, Michael JonathanMember2019-04-08
Outfitters and Guides Licensing BoardHunsucker, C. WaynePublic member2019-04-20
Idaho Rural PartnershipKeller, Rick Dwain(J)-Farm Bureau Rep2019-04-23
SILC -- State Independent Living CouncilSmith, Mike G.Region 2/PWD2019-05-28
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIKling, Deborah A.Member2019-05-31
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionSmith, Pat L.Grower2019-06-20
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionDurrant, KenDealer Alternate2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionOsborne, Kevin V.Dealer Member2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionNichols, MikeGrower2019-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionTiegs, LelandGrower2019-06-30
Board of Tax AppealsKinghorn, David E.R/Central-Eastern Area2019-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardGoodliffe, JanetRegion VII2019-06-30
Idaho Commission for LibrariesAlldredge, Mark C.(Undefined)2019-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsHardy, Kay (Undefined)2019-06-30
Idaho Honey Advertising CommissionMudd, Daniel J.(Undefined)2019-06-30
Board of Examiners of Nursing Home AdministratorsMeharry, ZendiRN2019-07-01
Board of Massage TherapySolace, Justin KobbeMessage Therapist2019-07-01
Certified Shorthand Reporters BoardGambee, Susan G.Public Member2019-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingWilding, David GeraldDeaf Person2019-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingFors, Gretchen SnyderParent of HH Child2019-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingRobison, Jacob G.Physician2019-07-01
Council on Domestic Violence and Victim AssistanceBristol, DanHeyburn Police - CHAIR2019-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilDonehey, Korynne ElisabethPerson w/ Developmental Disability2019-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionBramwell, Kenneth "Kenny" JensonHealth Insurance2019-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionHamilton, MontyGarden Bean Dealer2019-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionHuettig, Douglas MichaelGrower2019-07-01
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and BlindGibson, Michael D.Citizen who is Blind/Visually Impaired2019-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeHill, Timothy D.Dept. of Education rep2019-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeCrosby, LenIdaho Bond Bank Rep.2019-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeHunter, GeraldIHFA2019-07-01
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeMeuleman, WayneState Building Authority Rep.2019-07-01
Idaho Health Facilities AuthorityKatovich, John R.Medical2019-07-01
Idaho Health Facilities AuthorityKatsilometes, TomMunicipal Finance2019-07-01
Idaho Oilseed CommissionRiggers, Steven Tyler(Undefined)2019-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardDukes, Mark L.Motorcycle/ATV Dealer2019-07-01
Oil & Gas Conservation CommissionBreedlovestrout, Renee L.Geologist2019-07-01
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Compact CommissionMeyers, Jerry RF&G Commissioner2019-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardKloepfer, Suzanne L.Gov-Parent2019-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardEasley, K. LoganGOV--Teacher2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilAndueza, Rosie Y.Behavioral Health2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHuber, Rick LeeConsumer2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilLewis, Gregory EdwardCorrections/Adult2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilEllis, Brady B.Housing2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilKing, Marianne C.Office of Drug Policy2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHokanson, Kimberly H.Parent/Advocate/Rep-CHAIR2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHamso, MagniPhysician2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilBroncheau, Abraham FrancisTribal Rep.2019-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilChapin, Denise N.VR2019-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardMcMurtrey, Timothy "Tim" WayneRep. Supt. Public Instruction2019-07-01
State Board of Veterinary MedicineDredge, Bruce MatthewRexburg--Veterinarian2019-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilMcCray, Jefferson D.(A)Business2019-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilWiesmore, Jr., Kenneth K.(B) Labor Union2019-09-01
PSTF (Petroleum Storage Tank Fund) BoardClarich, Kirk W.Environmental Rep.2019-09-24
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionOliason, PamelaComm. on Aging2019-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionReusser, John RayID Suicide Prevention HOTLINE2019-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionGopon, Tobias PaulMD2019-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionSantos, Neva A.Suicide Prevention2019-10-25
Idaho Humanities CouncilNelson, Jo Ann K.N Idaho2019-10-31
Physical Therapy Licensure BoardLippiello, Angela LynnMember PT Asst.2019-12-31
Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement CommitteeFulkerson, DavidDFM2020-01-01
Idaho Sheep and Goat Health BoardPeterson, John R.Gem County2020-01-01
Idaho Sheep and Goat Health BoardRoyer, Kimberly SmithWashingotn Co--GOATS2020-01-01
Catastrophic Health Care Cost Program (CAT Board)High, DavidPublic Member2020-01-02
Veterans Affairs CommissionNapier, H. MelvinAmerican Legion2020-01-16
Western Interstate Commission for Higher EducationFreeman, MattState Bd. Exec. Dir.2020-01-24
Idaho Contractors BoardShurtleff, David SinclairPublic Member2020-02-06
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismWewers, Bryan J.Business Sector2020-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismMcCashland, CamilleDept. of Educ.2020-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismKremer, Charlette P.National Service Program2020-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismLanger, William JohnSenior Services2020-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismMaldonado, Jesse AlejandroYouth2020-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismRoell, CodyYouth2020-03-01
Serve Idaho, the Governor's Commission on Service and VolunteerismBrown, Douglas JamesYouth Services2020-03-01
Children at Risk Task ForceNordstrom, Lisa DianeAttorney2020-04-01
Dormitory Housing Commission--CSIGrindstaff, Cally J.Member2020-04-08
Idaho Endowment Fund Investment BoardBakes, Warren R.Public Education Admin.2020-04-11
Idaho Endowment Fund Investment BoardMahn, Gary LPublic Member2020-04-11
Outfitters and Guides Licensing BoardMcQuiston, Jr., George E.Outfitter2020-04-20
State Insurance Fund BoardLandon, SteveLabor Rep.2020-04-30
Lava Hot Springs FoundationSomsen, Shawnae Hamilton(Undefined)2020-05-01
State Board of MorticiansGeary, Craig L.Mortician2020-05-01
Public Charter School CommissionQuinn, Wanda ChillingworthAppt. by Governor2020-05-12
Public Charter School CommissionScigliano, BrianAppt. by Governor2020-05-12
Public Charter School CommissionBair, Sherrilynn W.Appt. by Governor2020-05-12
Dormitory Housing Commission--CWIHunter, GeraldMember2020-05-31
Outfitters and Guides Licensing BoardBarowsky, Robert "Bob" C.F&G Appt---CHAIR2020-05-31
Dormitory Housing Commission--NICArmon, Michael "Mic" W.Member2020-06-16
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionLejardi, SteveGrower2020-06-30
Alfalfa and Clover Seed CommissionReynolds, David AlanGrower2020-06-30
Board of PharmacyHenggeler, Holly A.Chain Pharmacist Rep.2020-06-30
Board of Tax AppealsNuhn, Kenneth W.U/North2020-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardJurvelin, Richard A(Undefined)2020-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardAllen, Robin Region IV2020-06-30
Children's Trust Fund BoardStanley, Brenda S.Region VI2020-06-30
Idaho Commission for LibrariesMecham, L. David(Undefined)2020-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsMeyers, Jeanne(Undefined)2020-06-30
Idaho Commission on the ArtsZuckerman, Dana Demb(Undefined)2020-06-30
Idaho Energy Resources AuthorityMooney, Michael "Mike" Mark(Undefined)2020-06-30
Idaho Honey Advertising CommissionPuckett, Phil(Undefined)2020-06-30
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionHammond, W. DirkDealer/Handler2020-06-30
Idaho Pea and Lentil CommissionAnderson, JayGrower2020-06-30
Parks and Recreation BoardDoman, Randy K.Dist. 2-Non-Affilliated2020-06-30
State Board of EducationClark, LindaBoard Member (CHAIR)2020-06-30
Board of AcupunctureStrong, Marlene F.Public Member2020-07-01
Board of Environmental QualityElroy, BethAir Quality Rep.2020-07-01
Board of Environmental QualityMascarenas, CarolSolid Waste Rep.2020-07-01
Board of Examiners of Nursing Home AdministratorsWilliams, John H.Administrator2020-07-01
Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility AdministratorsBrough Nye, Heidi JoleneAdministrator -- CHAIR-20142020-07-01
Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility AdministratorsHyde, Kristen E.Licensed Nurse2020-07-01
Board of Massage TherapyGarey, Marcia CharleneMassage Therapist2020-07-01
Board of Massage TherapyWhite, Mary JoPublic Member2020-07-01
Board of Psychologist ExaminersGage, Jason D.Psychologist2020-07-01
Certified Shorthand Reporters BoardIsrael, SueCourt Reporter2020-07-01
Commission for the Blind & Visually ImpairedGibson, Michael D.Board Member R2020-07-01
Commission on Hispanic AffairsArenz, Raquel RomeroPublic Member2020-07-01
Council for the Deaf and Hard of HearingSavage, Kate E.Audiologist2020-07-01
Council on Domestic Violence and Victim AssistanceSomerton, Wesley J.City Attorney2020-07-01
Council on Domestic Violence and Victim AssistanceBoehme, Alan Educator2020-07-01
Council on Domestic Violence and Victim AssistanceMorrison, Monica ReneMember- Prosecutor2020-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilSilva, Charlotte "Charlie" J.Dept. Of Education2020-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilSisk, Colleen IreneFor Profit Provider/Non Gov.2020-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilSuastegui, ClaudiaNot for profit2020-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilOakes, Kristie JeanParent2020-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilHead, Jacob EverettSelf Advocate2020-07-01
Developmental Disabilities CouncilBott, Ian JamesSelf Advocate2020-07-01
Driving Businesses Licensure BoardTodd, Faith AnnDriving Business2020-07-01
Driving Businesses Licensure BoardBradford, Theresa AnnPublic Member2020-07-01
Genetic Counselors Licensing BoardEichmeyer, Jennifer NicoleGenetic Counselor2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionMeltzer, Daniel LouisHealth Ins.2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionHill, Barton FredHospital2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionRichesin, Patricia LenoraHospital2020-07-01
Health Quality Planning CommissionHenbest, MargaretPublic Member2020-07-01
Idaho Apple CommissionRobinson, Charles EdwardGrower-at-Large2020-07-01
Idaho Barley CommissionBrown, Scott WilliamDistrict 32020-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionTolmie, Don E.Dealer2020-07-01
Idaho Bean CommissionGoodson, Michael A.Grower2020-07-01
Idaho Board of Landscape ArchitectsBreckon, Jon FritzLandscape Architect2020-07-01
Idaho Bond Bank AuthorityCrosby, LenGovernor Appointee2020-07-01
Idaho Bond Bank AuthorityGrigg, SethGovernor Appointee2020-07-01
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and BlindRussell, William JamesMember-at-Large2020-07-01
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and BlindPierson, Cathi DeniseMember-at-Large2020-07-01
Idaho Cherry CommissionKincheloe, Richard LloydGrower2020-07-01
Idaho Commission on Human RightsBrodie, KatiePublic Member2020-07-01
Idaho Commission on Human RightsCravens, L. DanielPublic Member2020-07-01
Idaho Commission on Human RightsErickson, HyrumPublic Member2020-07-01
Idaho Contractors BoardUnderhill, Rodney W.Northern District2020-07-01
Idaho Economic Advisory CouncilWoods, RobinRegion 2 -- D2020-07-01
Idaho Economic Advisory CouncilYoung, Mark StevenRegion 6-D2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteNaerebout, RobertAnimal Industry2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteSymms Gottschall, Sally MeganConsumer2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstitutePate, Barry JosephEducation-CSI2020-07-01
Idaho Food Quality Assurance InstituteHenggeler, KellyOrchard Industry2020-07-01
Idaho Health Facilities AuthorityKeeth, RuthBanker2020-07-01
Idaho Housing and Finance AssociationBramon, Darlene MBanking2020-07-01
Idaho Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety BoardDaniels, Tom CPropane Rep2020-07-01
Idaho Oilseed CommissionKress, Cordell R.(Undefined)2020-07-01
Idaho Wolf Depredation Control BoardSavage, Richard N.Livestock Industry2020-07-01
Idaho Wolf Depredation Control BoardMcDermott, Anthony R.Sportsman2020-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionPeters, David E.Children's Mental Health2020-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionBolz, DarrellCommunity Volunteer2020-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionIngram, Mark AlanCourts2020-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionBurrell, Darin BrentJuv. Probation2020-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionOlsen, Matthew B.Juv. Probation2020-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionSolomon, Korey LynnPrivate Provider2020-07-01
Juvenile Justice CommissionLopez, NancySocial Services2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionWasden, LawrenceCHAIR/AG's Office2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionLavey, Jeff AllenChief of Police Assoc.2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionDoan, Dennis L.Fire Chiefs Assoc.2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionMiller, TimPeace Officerss Assoc.2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionVacant, POST2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionTaylor, BryanProsecuting Attys2020-07-01
Medal of Honor CommissionMay, BartSheriff's Assoc.2020-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardPetersen, Jr., GrantNew Vehicle Dealer2020-07-01
Motor Vehicle Dealer Advisory BoardAnderson, Scott MRV dealer2020-07-01
Permanent Building Fund Advisory CouncilSteed, Randy S.Contractor2020-07-01
Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho BoardCilek, JeffTrustee-Boi-CHAIR-9-11-172020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionNancolas, GarretAssoc. ID Cities CHAIR 2016-20202020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionGreenberg, JacobDIGB 42020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionHulse, SamDIGB-62020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionRichy, William "Brad"Dir. IBHS2020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionPowell, Ralph W.Director ISP2020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionHumphries, Len C.ID Sheriff's Assoc.2020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionWills, Kedrick ISP Director2020-07-01
Public Safety Communications CommissionHaight, KevinISP Representative2020-07-01
Real Estate Appraiser BoardMcClaran, B. JanePublic Member2020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardRichy, William "Brad"BHS2020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardGates, David G.Fire Chiefs Assoc. Rep.2020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardGanske, JohnISP2020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardGunter, Jeff M.Police Chiefs Assoc.2020-07-01
School Safety & Security Advisory BoardHuff, Charles "Chad" A.Sheriff's Assoc.2020-07-01
Speech, Hearing & Communication Services Licensure BoardNuhn, Kenneth W.At Large2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilRubino, Tammy K.Community Coalitions-VICE CHAIR2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilStone, Jason H.Corrections/Youth2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilMcCleary, AngenieCounty2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilPetty, Gene AJudge2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilKinzler, Tiffany D.Medicaid2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilDockins, Debi GPrevention Rep2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilHaddad, Jennifer "Jen" JoySocial Services2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilGabert, JudySPAN Idaho2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilJones, Penny PSubstance-Use Provider2020-07-01
State Behavioral Health Planning CouncilFowers, MelanieVeterans2020-07-01
State Board of EducationAtchley, Emma LouBoard Member2020-07-01
State Board of MedicineSonnenberg, Erwin L.Public Member2020-07-01
State Board of OptometryWarner, Aaron J.Optometrist2020-07-01
State Board of PodiatryGraviet, ScottPodiatrist2020-07-01
State Board of Professional Counselors & Marriage & Family TherapistsMoro, Regina Counselor/Educator2020-07-01
State Board of Registration for Professional GeologistsMullen, Thomas F.Geologist2020-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionFredericksen, Eric D.Appelate Public Def. (Gov. Appt)2020-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionBarkell, Angela Assoc.Counties (Gov. Appt)2020-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionTrout, Linda CoppleChief Justice Appt.2020-07-01
State Public Defense CommissionBolz, DarrellRep.JJComm(Gov Appt)2020-07-01
State Soil & Water Conservation CommissionRoemer, Catherine M.Commission Member2020-07-01
STEM Action Center BoardMooney, DeeIndustry2020-07-01
Treasurer's Investment Advisory BoardPerkins, Patti Member2020-07-01
Treasurer's Investment Advisory BoardMichael, Gary GlennMember2020-07-01
Lake Pend Oreille Basin CommissionBrinkmeyer, MarcMember2020-07-24
Lake Pend Oreille Basin CommissionBaker, Brentmember2020-07-24
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionKarambay, James JosephACEP2020-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionLemon, Michael L.Am. College of Surgeons2020-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionLuther, Gordon E.Idaho Fire Chiefs Assoc2020-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionMitchell-Jones, VeronicaPublic Interest2020-08-01
Idaho Emergency Medical Services Physician CommissionSandy, CurtisState Board of Medicine2020-08-01
State Board of AccountancyDockins, Scott J.CPA2020-08-31
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilWilson, MechelleChildren's Mental Health2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilMason, Paula JuneDevelopmental Sepc.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilDavis, Charlene M.Developmental Spec.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilNeil, Judith L.Early Interv. Svc. Coord.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilNeff, EllenEarly Intervention2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilHaddad, Jennifer "Jen" JoyFoster Care Rep.2020-09-01
Infant Toddler Coordinating CouncilShamim, OmairHead Start Coll. Officer2020-09-01
State Board of Veterinary MedicineMaupin, William J.Nampa--Veterinarian2020-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilClark, Trent (A)Business--CHAIR, 20172020-09-01
Workforce Development CouncilSchwarz, Todd Kevin(C)Education (CSI)2020-09-01
Idaho Potato CommissionBlanksma, Nickolas ClarkGrower2020-09-15
Idaho Potato CommissionHardy, Randy LloydGrower2020-09-15
Idaho Potato CommissionHasenoehrl, Mary L.Grower2020-09-15
State Historical Records Advisory BoardStone, Mackenzie AnnDeputy State Coordinator2020-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardScott, Wendy A.TF County Dep. Clerk2020-10-20
State Historical Records Advisory BoardRoberts, Tara U of I Special Collections/Archives2020-10-20
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionFritz, Sharon DHW- Suicide Prevention Program2020-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionBroncho, Kristy L.Idaho Tribes Rep.2020-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionGriffin, JeniLoss Survivor2020-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionHatzenbuehler, Linda C.MH Professional/CHAIR2020-10-25
Idaho Council on Suicide PreventionPierce, Mary TheresaVeterans Affairs2020-10-25
Damage Prevention Board(Vacant)Commercial Contractor (h)2024-07-01
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