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Governor’s Staff

  • Zach Hauge, Chief of Staff

  • Sara Stover, Deputy Chief of Staff

  • Joan Varsek, Governor’s Scheduler

  • Brady Hall, General Counsel

  • Andy Snook, Senior Deputy Counsel

  • Josh Scholer, Deputy Counsel

  • Jared Larsen, Policy Advisor and Associate Counsel

  • Matt Reiber, Policy Advisor

  • Kelly Houston-Staskey, Special Assistant

  • Tamera Felter, Special Assistant – Boards and Commissions, Internship Program

  • Ryan Bernard, Constituent Services

  • Jamie Neill, Policy Director

  • Darren Damon, Policy Advisor

  • Hayden Rogers, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

  • Jake Garringer, North Idaho Field Director, Policy Advisor

  • Emily Callihan, Communications Director

  • Madison Hardy, Press Secretary

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