Official Government Website

Governor’s Staff

Zach Hauge, Chief of Staff

Joan Varsek, Governor’s Scheduler

Brady Hall, General Counsel

Josh Scholer, Deputy Counsel

Sara Stover, Director of Cabinet Affairs

Claudia Nally, Executive Assistant

Kelly Houston-Staskey, Special Assistant

Intergovernmental Affairs Division

Bobbi-Jo Meuleman, Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

Hayden Rogers, Senior Political Advisor

Matt Reiber, Policy Advisor, Intergovernmental Affairs

McKenzie Johnson, Policy Advisor, Intergovernmental Affairs

Tamera Felter, Special Assistant, Appointments and Constituent Services

Policy Division

Jamie Neill, Policy Director

Jared Larsen, Policy Advisor and Deputy Counsel

Darren Damon, Policy Advisor

Jake Garringer, North Idaho Field Director, Policy Advisor

Communications Division

Emily Callihan, Communications Director

Madison Hardy, Press Secretary

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