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Operation Esto Perpetua

Idaho faces growing threats from drugs and human trafficking. Meth and fentanyl seizures have dramatically increased in Idaho and across the country, human trafficking in all its forms is on the rise, and parents need assurances their children will be safe.

“Operation Esto Perpetua” is our new strategy to do more to protect our communities. “Operation Esto Perpetua” brings together law enforcement and communities in new ways, to turn the tide and protect our children.


To combat the flow of illegal drugs into Idaho and to combat the scourge of human trafficking in all its forms, including sex trafficking, labor trafficking, human smuggling, and all other appropriation of vulnerable children and adults.

Timeline and Structure

Gov. Little issued Executive Order 2024-04 in February of 2024, formally establishing Operation Esto Perpetua in law. 

A Citizens Action Group will be assembled comprised of the following individuals:

Appointed by the Governor (appointees will be announced on a later date):

  • A representative from an Idaho Indian tribe;
  • A mayor of a city;
  • A county commissioner;
  • A member of the House of Representatives;
  • A member of the Idaho Senate; and
  • Any additional public members that the Governor sees fit to appoint.
Ex-officio members:
  • Lieutenant Governor Scott Bedke
  • Idaho State Police Director Col. Ked Wills
  • Office of Drug Policy Administrator Marianne King

The Citizens Action Group will gather information about the severity of the threat of drug proliferation and human trafficking in Idaho, as well as ideas to combat it and the needed tools to respond. The Citizens Action Group will hear from Idahoans about their personal experiences with the effects of drugs on Idahoans and Idaho communities, where human trafficking issues exist in Idaho, and how to treat victims of human trafficking and connect them with services to break the cycle of exploitation. The Citizens Action Group will report to the Governor its findings. That report will be delivered to the Governor and reviewed with advisors drawn from Idaho law enforcement and service providers to make policy recommendations.

Past Work of Operation Esto Perpetua

Between March and May of 2022, the Citizens Action Group on Fentanyl held public meetings across Idaho to hear from local law enforcement as well as members of the public about their loved ones’ experiences with fentanyl and meth. 

The Citizens Action Group on Fentanyl presented its observational report from those public meetings on Thursday, July 21, 2022. The Law Enforcement Panel then examined the report and identified action items to make our communities safer. The observational report from the Citizens Action Group on Fentanyl can be found here.

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