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Idaho Medal of Achievement

NOMINATION DEADLINE – Extended to October 31, 2019

Nominations can be mailed to the Governor’s Office or submitted online below. View photo of the medal here.

The Idaho Medal of Achievement is designed to recognize citizens demonstrating exceptional, meritorious and inspirational service to the people of Idaho. It is the highest civilian honor Idaho bestows.

Made of 99.9-percent fine solid silver donated by northern Idaho’s Hecla Mining Co., the Idaho Medal of Achievement is meant as a lasting tribute to the civic virtue of those who go above and beyond what is expected of responsible citizens in support of their neighbors, communities, and our state.

Idaho is replete with volunteers, first responders, philanthropists and everyday heroes of every description; the Idaho Medal of Achievement is intended to reward the most noteworthy among them with special recognition.

If you know someone who you believe deserves to be nominated for the Idaho Medal of Achievement please fill out the form below or mail a written nomination to to the Governor’s Office.

Executive Order 2019-04 – Outlines nomination guidelines and includes other information about the Idaho Medal of Achievement and commission.

News release (5/1/2019): Governor renews Idaho Medal of Achievement executive order, calls for nominations by August 5 – NOTE: Deadline was extended to October 31, 2019

Idaho Medal of Achievement Commission Members:

Justice Linda Trout – Chair
Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin
Barbara Morgan
Skip Oppenheimer
Kirk Sullivan
Sarah Bedke
Todd Brinkmeyer

Contact Information of Person Making Request

Information for Nominee

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