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Gov. Little has said we have a constitutional and moral obligation to our students in Idaho. Gov. Little’s top priority is creating abundant opportunities for our children to thrive in school. Schools partner with parents in the education of Idaho students, and they are the hub of activity in our communities.

The best way to achieve Gov. Little’s goal of making Idaho the place where our children and grandchildren choose to stay is by equipping them with the skills they need to become lifelong learners and eventual participants in our state’s workforce.

  • LITERACY – Our children need to learn to read by third grade so our investments in the education system later on can have the most impact. With additional investments sought by Gov. Little, funding for literacy programs – including summer reading programs, full day Kindergarten, and others – will have increased five-fold since he took office in 2019.
  • TEACHER RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION – Teachers partner with families in the education of our children, and they can have profound impacts on students’ lives. The teaching profession must be competitive. Under Gov. Little, Idaho has made significant investments in the career ladder so we can better recruit new teachers and retain ones with a lot of experience.
  • WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT – Improved coordination between Idaho businesses, high schools, career technical education, and our college and university system has resulted in more ways for Idahoans to connect an education to a career. Under Gov. Little, Idaho has advanced more apprenticeships, job training, and scholarships for Idahoans to pursue the skills needed to fill in-demand professions.
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