$100 million for local roads rolls out as part of historic transportation funding solution

Thursday December 14, 2023

Boise, Idaho – The historic transportation funding investments championed by Governor Brad Little and the Idaho Legislature continue to improve roads at the local level and defray local property taxes.

Forty-eight transportation projects, many of them ready for construction in 2024, received grants today as part of the Strategic Initiatives Program. Governor Little signed House Bill 132 earlier this year creating the program, which directs $100 million to help local jurisdictions mitigate the impact of state highway projects on local roads or economically significant local projects that require the assistance of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to facilitate.

The ITD received 127 applications from local governments totaling more than $293 million in transportation project costs submitted.

“We championed historic transportation investments in recent years without raising taxes or fees, and it is making a difference. We can keep Idahoans safe on the road, save them time, and facilitate commerce with transportation investments,” Governor Little said.

A full list of funded projects is available here: https://gov.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/2023-sip-transportation-projects.pdf

In recent years, Governor Little and the Idaho Legislature funded transportation safety and deferred maintenance gaps at ongoing levels based on external studies and made significant gains in funding airports, rail, bridges, and pedestrian infrastructure.

“As I’ve said before, investments in infrastructure IS property tax relief. We’re taking the financial burden off local governments that would have raised taxes or fees on residents. All these initiatives serve to lower Idahoans property taxes and improve quality of life,” Governor Little said.