Election security, other recommendations outlined in new Cybersecurity Task Force report

Wednesday May 4, 2022

Idaho Falls, Idaho – Governor Brad Little joined members of his Cybersecurity Task Force today in rolling out 18 recommendations from the task force to protect Idaho citizens, businesses, and elections from cyber-attacks.

The Cybersecurity Task Force’s final report to Governor Little is available here: https://gov.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/2022-cybersecurity-tf-recommendations.pdf

“Through the Idaho National Laboratory, the State of Idaho is home to unique and world-leading capabilities in countering cyber-attacks and engineering solutions to the cybersecurity challenges facing our state and nation. We need increased resources, partnerships and active collaboration between a broad range of organizations to successfully protect Idahoans from ever-growing cybersecurity threats,” Governor Little said. “My Cybersecurity Task Force spent the past eight months identifying new ways to improve our state’s defenses against cyber-attacks, including recommendations to better protect Idaho’s election infrastructure. Fair and free elections are a hallmark of Idaho’s proud representative democracy and the expectation of every Idahoan. I appreciate my very capable team for stepping up to the task.”

The recommendations are aimed at ensuring election integrity; safeguarding Idaho’s critical infrastructure; improving Idaho’s pipeline of cybersecurity professionals; and improving the public’s cybersecurity awareness and education.

Governor Little established the Cybersecurity Task Force in August, noting that cybersecurity intrusions, corruption, and fraud are global threats that challenge the security of all citizens, businesses, and governments at every level.

“Across our state and throughout the nation, there are few more pressing threats to our safety, security, and freedom than cyber-attacks. This susceptibility makes the work of the task force so important,” Governor Little said.

Additional information on the Governor’s Cybersecurity Task Force is available at https://commerce.idaho.gov/cybersecurity/.

To further enhance the security of Idaho’s elections and give Idahoans confidence their vote counts, as part of his “Leading Idaho” plan Governor Little this year sought and the Legislature approved $12 million for a new Cyber Response and Defense Fund to ensure the state is prepared to respond to any cybersecurity events that may occur with elections throughout the state as well as $500,000 for proactive integrity audits to enhance transparency and confidence in the results of all Idaho elections.

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