Gov. Little champions simpler property tax relief for Idahoans

Wednesday March 29, 2023

Boise, Idaho – Enduring property tax relief is on its way to Idahoans after the Idaho Legislature passed a simpler package of property tax relief bills following Governor Brad Little’s veto of House Bill 292 earlier this week.

In his veto, Governor Little called for the Legislature to deliver a simple property tax relief solution, not one intermingled with a hodgepodge of policy items attached to it. The Legislature responded by fixing items Governor Little identified as concerns and responded to his call to get property tax relief done right.

“Since I took office, we have delivered more than $2.7 billion in tax relief to Idahoans – more than any other state per capita. In 2020, I championed $125 million in property tax relief, one of the largest tax cuts in state history. Today’s vote continues our progress. Idahoans are clamoring for additional tax relief, and the Legislature’s actions are a step in the right direction on this longstanding issue.

“I’m pleased the Legislature passed $117 million in property tax relief for Idaho citizens and businesses. I called for $120 million at the start of the session, and they came close to my recommendation. I’m also pleased the Legislature fixed concerns I identified in my veto of House Bill 292 – transportation bonding and public defense funding. The process worked, and we are getting real property tax relief done for Idahoans.

 “Overall, I’m also pleased we achieved almost ALL of my IDAHO FIRST budget priorities this session for workforce training, education, property tax relief, transportation, water, building infrastructure, broadband, public safety, healthcare, outdoor recreation, fire, rainy-day transfers, and more,” Governor Little said.

The Idaho Legislature is expected to adjourn for a few days until Governor Little acts on the remaining bills that await his consideration. “Sine die,” or the official end of the 2023 legislative session, is expected to occur next week.

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