Gov. Little: “Let’s get property tax relief done right.”

Monday March 27, 2023

Boise, Idaho – Governor Little vetoed House Bill 292 today, the so-called “property tax relief” bill passed by the Legislature.

“Idaho stands apart from every other state because we focus on making taxes fair, simple, predictable, and competitive. House Bill 292 is not a simple bill. House Bill 292 is a hodgepodge of policy items intermingled with property tax relief,” Governor Little said.

Governor Little noted the bill brings to a screeching halt many ready-to-go transportation projects that help keep up with growth. He said it handcuffs local schools and limits our ability to provide quality public education for Idaho families.

Governor Little said House Bill 292 presents significant impacts on election dates, public defense funding, online sales tax collections, local government sales tax distributions, and funding for transportation, and it jeopardizes bonding for critical infrastructure projects.

He also noted that no state has accomplished more tax relief per capita than Idaho in the past four years. The Governor and Idaho Legislature have delivered $2.7 billion in relief to Idahoans by reducing and flattening the income tax, raising the grocery tax credit, providing rebates, providing some property tax relief, and lowering payroll taxes for Idaho businesses.

Governor Little asked legislators to bring back a bill that simplifies property tax relief.

“Let’s get property tax relief done right this session. The simplest solutions are usually the best solutions, and I believe we can extract the property tax portions of House Bill 292 and deliver a true property tax relief bill this session. A property tax relief bill this session needs to be simple and carried out in a way that does not harm public schools, does not hold up needed transportation projects, and does not reveal more unintended consequences. The people of Idaho deserve simple property tax relief that will endure over time!” Governor Little said.

View the Governor’s full veto letter here:

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