Idaho stops millions in tax fraud

Friday April 28, 2023

Boise, Idaho – Idaho has delivered more tax relief per capita than any other state while stopping scammers from stealing millions from Idaho taxpayers.

Thieves try to use stolen identities to file bogus tax returns so they can try to get refunds that aren’t theirs. Governor Brad Little is highlighting the success of the Idaho State Tax Commission in stopping more than $29.7 million in tax refunds going to thieves so far in 2023, up 607% from last year. So far this year, the Tax Commission has intercepted nearly 3,400 fake income tax returns.

“Idahoans expect us to safeguard their resources. The Tax Commission’s efforts mean we can mark a victory over those who seek to commit fraud against our citizens,” Governor Little said. “The Tax Commission successfully issued more than $943.6 million in rebates, $36.2 million in Return-to-Work bonuses, and $72.7 million in Rebound Idaho grants, and I commend their efforts to protect the interests of Idaho taxpayers.”

The Tax Commission conducts fraud detection reviews on income tax returns before issuing refunds. The agency also continually looks for new ways to combat tax fraud due to identity theft.

When the Tax Commission suspects that thieves have filed a fraudulent return in a taxpayer’s name, it sends a letter to the taxpayer. Taxpayers who receive a letter but haven’t filed a return are likely victims of identity theft. In many cases, this is the first time they learn their identities have been stolen. The Tax Commission helps them take the next steps.

Taxpayers can learn more about identity theft, including the signs they might be a victim, by visiting

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