Little, Critchfield roll out “The Story of America” history curriculum for Idaho schools

Thursday June 15, 2023

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little and Superintendent Debbie Critchfield announced today the availability the fair, factual American history resource for Idaho schools called “The Story of America.”

“The Story of America” is an American history curriculum for middle school and high school students that tells the factual story of our nation’s history while reinforcing writing and critical thinking skills.

“This curriculum presents a picture of America that aligns with our Idaho values of embracing patriotism and a sense of pride about the success of our great country, and it teaches American history in a fair and factual way,” Governor Little said.

“Not only does this curriculum support a students’ knowledge of America, but it offers literacy skills like writing, analyzing, evaluating and presenting as part of these lessons,” Superintendent Critchfield said. “These skills will help prepare our students to be strong American citizens, capable of self-government at the local, state, and national level.”

Governor Little and Superintendent Critchfield cited declining history and civics scores for students across the country as part of the reason to ramp up efforts to increase students’ understanding of American history.

“The Story of America” curriculum was created by leading experts in the field of American history and will be available to all school districts in Idaho to use for teaching in 8th grade and beyond. It is designed to supplement curricula already in use by Idaho educators.

The curriculum has been vetted and tested by the Idaho State Department of Education (SDE), which will facilitate its use in Idaho schools.

School districts across Idaho are encouraged to take advantage of the resource for their students and teachers and contact SDE for more information.

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