National study finds Idaho one of best states for pandemic response

Tuesday December 21, 2021

Boise, Idaho - A new State Pandemic Scorecard shows Idaho ranks #4 overall, #3 for education, and #4 for economy in our handling of the pandemic under the leadership of Governor Brad Little.

"Idaho's high ranking among states for our pandemic response reinforces our emphasis on choice and freedom. Our businesses and schools stayed open. I never put in a place a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate. We banned vaccine passports, and our legal challenges to Biden's overreaching vaccine mandates are working," Governor Little said.

Idaho came in #4 overall, behind Nebraska, Maryland and Utah. Education, the economy, health, and social impacts were considered.

In education, Idaho ranked #3, behind South Dakota and Oklahoma. The study shows Idaho students experienced little or no learning loss in math and reading and change in school enrollment was minimal.

On the economy, Idaho had strong GDP growth, low unemployment, and job growth. We ranked #4, behind Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah.

View the full Politico State Pandemic Scorecard here:

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