New COVID-19 vaccine administration transparency data now live

Monday February 8, 2021

Boise, Idaho – New COVID-19 vaccine administration transparency data that the Governor promised Idahoans in his Jan. 28 executive order is now live.

The new tool, available at this link, shows the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses that individual providers and local public health districts have been allocated and the number of doses that remain for them to administer.

The dashboard helps ensure vaccine is getting out in a timely fashion.

“Safety and transparency are paramount in the rollout of COVID-19 vaccine in Idaho,” Governor Little said. “We owe it to Idahoans to get first doses administered to people who want it within seven days of the doses coming into Idaho. Using the new COVID-19 vaccine administration transparency data available through my executive order, we will be able to tell if a provider is not administering their allocated doses quickly enough so we can step in to help speed things up.”

Idaho’s progress with vaccine administration has improved since the Governor implemented new reporting requirements with his executive order. As of last Friday, 84-percent of first doses received in Idaho have been administered, and Idaho is keeping pace with the majority of states in the administration of vaccine doses received.

Governor Little continued to urge patience among Idahoans in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine because demand still far outpaces supply. Governor Little continues to press the Biden Administration to make sure Idaho receives more doses of vaccine as quickly as the supply chain ramps up.

A few important notes about the new dashboard include:

  • “Distributed doses” include first and second doses. Some doses that appear to have not been administered yet may be scheduled for an appointment or may not be reported in the state’s immunization system yet because providers have 72 hours to report after a dose has been given.
  • The number of doses that remain to be administered could include a share of second doses that arrived early and cannot be administered yet because the second dose must be given at least 21 days for Pfizer and 28 days for Moderna after the first use.
  • Idaho currently receives just over 25,000 first doses every week. The doses are shipped directly from the manufacturer to local public health districts based on population size. The local public health districts are responsible for distribution of doses to enrolled providers in their district. Some local public health districts will store doses for providers if they do not have adequate storage space until providers are prepared to administer doses. Each local public health district determines distribution of doses within the areas they serve.
  • Just because there are doses remaining to be administered with a specific provider or local public health district does not mean people should just show up expecting to receive one. Everyone seeking vaccine should make an appointment and keep their appointment. Information on when and where to receive vaccine is available at

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