NEW VIDEO: National debt hits $30 trillion for first time, but Idaho leads the way with fiscal responsibility

Wednesday February 9, 2022

Boise, Idaho – News hit this month that the national debt swelled to a historic $30 trillion while Idaho’s budget surplus has never been higher.

In a new “kitchen table” budget comparison between the State of Idaho budget and President Joe Biden’s national budget, Idahoans can easily see how the national debt is out of control and Idaho is the shining example of fiscal responsibility.

A new video from the Governor’s Office features Kuna High School teacher Dr. Allison Touchstone, who teaches her students life skills. She outlines two “family budgets” to show the differences between how Idaho and the federal government manage money. 

Watch the 2-minute video here: 

“In Idaho, we manage government the same way families manage a household budget. It is basic ‘kitchen table economics.’ It means facing tradeoffs head on, choosing to live within our means, saving for hard times, cutting waste, and stretching our dollars further. While D.C. is digging the country into a $30 trillion hole, Idaho has a record surplus of $1.9 billion and counting,” Governor Little said.

Just last week, Governor Little signed his “Leading Idaho” income tax relief bill, which puts Idaho on track to return more than $1 billion to Idahoans over the next few years.

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