OPINION: Tax cuts, historic investments will continue when we work together

Friday May 20, 2022

By Governor Brad Little

Idaho voters made one thing clear this week – they approve of their state leaders’ track record of unprecedented tax cuts and historic investments in education and infrastructure, and they want more of it.

I am truly grateful that Idaho Republicans have entrusted me to continue serving as Governor. For the past three and a half years, I have felt the honor of serving the great State of Idaho in the good times and the tough times. Once again, I am humbled by the awesome opportunity to work for the good people of Idaho. To my family, our broad team of supporters, my many legislative partners, and the people of Idaho – thank you.

Idaho's tremendous success is no accident. For years, Idaho has embraced conservative principles of governing to create an environment where businesses and individuals can thrive.

With their votes this week, Idahoans gave their endorsement of our agenda – to show taxpayers their elected leaders work consistently to limit government spending, cut red tape, stand up for their values, make investments where they count, prepare for the hard times, and return their hard-earned dollars back to their bank accounts.

It’s what we’ve done successfully in the past and I’m personally committed to continuing to achieve for the people of Idaho in the future.

The stakes are higher now than ever before. As dysfunctional policies at the national level and elsewhere in the country limit opportunity, Idaho must remain a beacon for capitalism, limited and accountable government, family, and freedom. These values must continue to dominate Idaho for many years to come.

Success won’t come by putting on blinders and working only with those who agree with us 100-percent of the time. Success can only come through solidarity and a willingness to work together.

One of my heroes, President Ronald Reagan, said, "The Republican Party, both in this state and nationally, is a broad party. There is room in our tent for many views; indeed, the divergence of views is one of our strengths."

His words were true then and perhaps truer now. During a primary election, the sliver of issues where we disagree gets all the attention. But like President Reagan said, that disagreement is a strength. It is not a flaw to overcome. It means our party is attracting a broad range of people.

I congratulate all the candidates who put themselves out there during this primary election. I thank those who have served, and I look forward to working with the Idaho Legislature in the years ahead, especially the newcomers. I used to be a state senator, and I know a good working relationship between the executive and legislative branches is the key to success. So far, the Legislature and I have worked together to secure record tax relief and historic investments in education and roads, and we will continue that trend.

It’s time to band together and get back to delivering results and finding solutions to the issues facing families, our state, and our country.

# # #