OPINION: This Independence Day, let’s unite for a thriving future

Monday June 29, 2020

By Governor Brad Little

The celebration of Independence Day this year will be unlike any other.

Our experience with coronavirus will strip away much of the barbecues and fireworks displays that have traditionally marked Independence Day festivities.

I’m saddened about that, but I choose to see an opportunity this year to more deeply reflect on where we’ve been as a country and where we’re headed.

At its core, the anniversary of our country celebrates a group of renegades rejecting an oppressive monarchy and standing up for a system that should recognize every single human being is equal – both under the laws of government and in the eyes of the Lord.

Self-determination is the bedrock of our identity as a people.

Our system of government is brilliant, but it was never intended to be perfect. In fact, the quest for “a more perfect union,” as envisioned in our Constitution, should never cease. I’m reminded of an often-told story about the response Benjamin Franklin offered when asked what sort of government we had established. He said, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Independence Day is as much about our future as it is about our history. The survival of our country depends on each and every one of us playing an active, informed role in keeping our republic alive. I believe Idahoans embody what our founders envisioned.

Angst across the country seems to be at an all-time high. We are seemingly fractured. But as I travel the state, I see mostly love, care, and concern for others happening all around me.

I see unity.

We are united both in our longing to protect the values that built our great country and in our longing for a better future for America.

America has survived a civil war, two world wars, economic depression and, yes, pandemics. These are trying times, but as I have said before, history will remember how we dealt with the challenges.

Life is all about choices. Let’s choose to take a deep breath and love our neighbors. Let’s choose to unite around our commitment in seeing our country thrive for future generations of Idahoans.

God bless Idaho and the United States of America.

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