The Office of the Governor is asked by many individuals, groups and organizations to issue proclamations. Unfortunately, not all requests for proclamations can be issued due to the volume and nature of the requests.

To request a copy of a past proclamation, call the Governor’s Office by calling (208) 334-2100 or e-mailing

Proclamation Request Guidelines

The following information must be included for the proclamation to be considered.

Please note:

  • If you would like to request a proclamation or a signing ceremony, you must fill out a scheduling request form at least 3 weeks prior to your event. Requesting a proclamation does not fulfill a signing ceremony request with the Governor.
  • The Governor’s Office only fulfills requests from in-state organizations. If a national organization wishes to request a proclamation, please find a local affiliate or sponsor.
  • A maximum of 2 copies per request will be provided.
  • Please see proclamation policies below for complete information.
  • The Governor’s Office reserves the right to decline any proclamation request.


The Governor will issue a proclamation to call attention to a project or program. Your proclamation must name and describe the issue or project and not just your organization or group.

A proclamation neither indicates nor implies the Governor’s support of any given issue or project.

An effort is made to proclaim subjects of general interest to a broad group of citizens. We want to recognize a subject in its broadest sense rather than a narrow special interest within a larger movement.

Proclamations are limited to non-commercial, non-profit efforts, which have definite local activities in Idaho. In other words, national organizations, groups, or activities that desire a proclamation must have an in-state sponsor to even be considered by the Governor’s Office.

Recurring proclamation requests need to be filed yearly. Proclamations do not have a standing order.

No proclamation or portion of a proclamation may be used as part of a paid advertisement without written permission from the Governor’s Office.

If you feel the media may have an interest in your proclamation, it will be your responsibility to contact the media outlets.

The Governor reserves the right to deny, without comment, any proclamation request received by his office.

Provide the Governor’s Office with a complete draft of the proposed proclamation at least three weeks prior to the date you wish to receive the document. The draft should be complete and localized. “Information packets” or a national suggested proclamation will not be accepted. The language and format of the proclamation are subject to editing.


Proclamations are limited to one legal size sheet of paper. Include as many references to local or statewide activities as possible. Remember, your Proclamation is not a gubernatorial endorsement.

Signing Ceremony

Proclamations are signed by the Governor and sent to the individual who requested the proclamation in a protective covering.

If you wish to request a signing ceremony, contact the Governor’s scheduler at least three weeks prior to the desired date. If a ceremony is scheduled, the Governor’s Office should be furnished with a complete list of attendees at least one week in advance.